The Wednesday episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily featured “The Interview Queen” Alicia Atout where she and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman discussed Atout’s recent travels to the United States from Canada for MLW and Warrior Wrestling. She noted that Canadian citizens are allowed to travel to the U.S., but American citizens are not allowed to travel to Canada.

“It’s interesting because if you’re going over there to see friends or shop or it’s a leisurely thing, you’re actually allowed to go from Canada into the states, but the thing is, you’re not allowed, as an American, to come into Canada yet,” Atout explained. “So our side of the border is still closed, whereas the American side is open to us. So again, that’s Canada taking that extra safety precaution, whereas America’s taking that extra safety risk.”

Atout also added that in her experience, she has seen many people not following COVID-19 protocols such as wearing a mask. She called it “Bizarro World” as in Canada, people are not allowed in an establishment without a mask.

“Just a quick note, being down there for a week and spending it with the people I spent it with and stuff, it was nuts how we would just go somewhere and people just didn’t care,” Atout said. “Up here, you’re not allowed into anywhere without a mask but people are just walking into places not giving a crap, and it’s like, ‘oh my gosh. I feel like I’m in like a Bizarro World.’ It was insane. So yeah, it was a lot.”

Atout was present at Warrior Wrestling’s Stadium Series shows that were held in September. Atout admitted that she was nervous during her travels during the COVID-19 pandemic revealing that she went through three bottles of hand sanitizer as to minimize as much risk of infection as possible.

“I was super nervous just because I know I’m taking every little thing to make myself OK, but I don’t trust anyone around me,” Atout admitted. “So even when we’re at Fan Fest and stuff, everyone had masks on at Warrior. The nature that was implemented was amazing, but the whole time in my head, I’m just like, ‘OK, sanitize. OK, sanitize’ because literally anyone can have it and not know.

“Sometimes it’s just innocent and they don’t know because they don’t cough, or they don’t lose their taste or smell. So really scary. I went through three bottles of hand sanitizer. This big wall was there for a week because I’d be at Target and touch a shirt, and I sanitize after because I was just like, ‘no, you are not getting sick. You are not getting sick.'”

At the last Stadium Series show, Warrior Wrestling Champion Brian Pillman Jr. defended his title against Brian Cage and Trey Miguel, and Miguel emerged victorious to close off Warrior Wrestling’s final 2020 show. Miguel is Atout’s boyfriend, and she revealed that she did not know Miguel was going to win the championship as Miguel had told her that Pillman Jr. would win the title.

“It was amazing. Over the last few months, we’ve been keeping things on the DL because people can be absolutely insane, but we’ve kind of been bringing things to surface over the last month or so,” Atout stated. “At the end, there was this incredible triple threat main event with Brian Pillman Jr., who was the champion facing Brian Cage and my boyfriend Trey Miguel, and I was backstage under the bleachers with Trey before he went out because it was really cold. So I was just trying to warm him up before like warming his back, and he goes, ‘OK, all I gotta do is go out there, let Pillman hit his finisher, one-two-three, and then we’re done for the night. We can go and chill. It’ll be great.’ I go, ‘OK, awesome. I can’t wait to watch it.’ I was still right there.

“I’m like, 100%, he’s not getting the championship whatever.’ So I’m on the bleachers watching it with his fellow trainers from back home in Toledo and all the kids that he trained. There was like six of them, and we’re all watching. And then we see the finish, and we hear the count. And we’re just looking at each other, and I was confused. I was like, ‘oh s–t. Did they mess it up? What happened?’ And then we heard his music, and I just see Zach [Wentz] had darted it to the ring. And we all run out, and I was like, ‘oh my God, he won the freaking championship.’ It was an amazing moment.

“And because I don’t live in the states, I don’t get to see every show that he wrestles on or travel with him all the time. So the fact that I was there for that one, it’s a company we love. Warrior always treats us so well especially knowing we’re a couple. They’re great with taking care of us, and it just meant so much to see him win a championship with all of his students there. I was a mess. I bawled my eyes out, and I’m waiting for photographers to send me pictures. One’s of us on the field just super happy. It was just a really emotional moment. I’m really proud of him. He’s amazing.

Atout said that she had no reason to doubt Miguel and believed what he had said. She said that he wanted to surprise her, and she was.

“I believe every second of it too,” Atout admitted. “He’s like, ‘I’m sorry. Usually, I wouldn’t do something like that. I wanted you to be surprised, and man, I was. I really was.”

Atout also revealed that after the show, she and Miguel traveled to Miguel’s wrestling school and got a chance to bring the title to show his students. Atout noted how hard Miguel words and how much the title means to the two of them.

“The day after he won, we drove back the night of the show [because] the day after, he had training. So he brought the championship back to the school, and he got to show it at Skull and Bones Academy,” Atout said. “So just seeing him with the guy who’s trained him for a decade with them holding a championship together because he works so incredibly hard.

“He really does. Wrestling is not easy. I don’t do it, but I see what he goes through and the aches and pains when we get home and stuff. So any championship matters, but the fact it was at Warrior and a place that we’d always meet up and stuff, it was just a lot. It was really good.”

Alicia Atout can be seen every week as part of MLW. For more information on where to watch check out You can follow Alicia on Twitter @AliciaAtout.

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