“The Prodigy of Pro Wrestling” Benjamin Carter sat down with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman to discuss his AEW Dynamite match against Scorpio Sky on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, which was recorded before he revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 last week. Before that, Carter discussed training at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, a school run by WWE Superstar Seth Rollins and independent wrestling veteran Marek Brave.

“They absolutely do not just slap a name on the school, and that’s it,” Carter noted. “They’re very involved with everything, and that was something that really was very cool, being a part of the training program, because there was those kind of queries of how involved was Rollins, in particular, going to be with the schedule, but I think he missed the first two weeks because he was in Saudi Arabia on a European tour.

“And then the rest of the 10 weeks, he didn’t miss a single training session. It still doesn’t feel real to me that I get to be under those guy’s learning tree, and I could hit them up literally at any point for advice or even to work out with, but it’s great. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

Carter then discussed what he learned from Rollins and Brave. He said he learned more about the psychology side of pro wrestling and noted how different his matches have been before and after his training.

“Anything that Seth will tell you, Marek will tell you and then some,” Carter stated. “Marek’s just got such a good brain for the business, but the biggest thing that I learned from being at the school, which I think that you’ll find it tough to find somewhere else in the country that gives you that kind of insight, is that is the psychology behind wrestling.

“I look at the matches I had before I graduated from Black and Brave after, and my god, it’s like night and day in terms of things making sense and as I said, the psychology behind it. So I think that’s the biggest takeaway that I’ve had from it. I feel so much more of a complete performer rather than just a guy that can do flippy stuff.”

Carter has also made an appearance on AEW Dark, and he was asked what his future holds after his AEW appearances and after his IMPACT debut. Carter admitted that he does not know yet and tells fans to stay tuned for his future.

“So if I’m perfectly honest, I haven’t a clue. No clue,” Carter admitted. “I think whatever comes next, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and it’s going to be all kinds of what I’ve ever really wanted. It’s all been just such a crazy experience, but in terms of what comes next man, I can’t really disclose anything because I don’t know. So I guess you guys will have to stay tuned.”

Carter also commented on what his conversations with AEW President Tony Khan have been like. Khan is the co-owner of the Fulham Football Club, and Carter played college soccer at Tennessee Wesleyan, so he said they chatted about soccer throughout most of their conversation.

“Tony’s great. Tony is like so easy to talk to, and it’s crazy that he’s like the equivalent of like Vince [McMahon] for AEW,” Carter expressed. “He’s so accessible, and obviously, I’m a soccer fan, and he owns Fulham Football Club. So I’m out here just randomly having a soccer chat with him about players that he signed, congratulating him on players and talking about my team vs. his team, and he was giving me some proper cool insight. So he’s like so easy to talk to. Can’t say enough good words about about him as well. So yeah, he’s great.”

Carter has faced AEW stars before but Warrior Wrestling is where he got to take on Brian Cage two weeks ago. Carter talked about what it was like to get in the ring with Cage.

“Yeah, so my first thought was he’s gonna throw me around a lot,” Carter said. “So I’ve got to be prepared for that, and luckily I was, but obviously, you’re in there with a guy like Brian Cage. He’s such a big name. He’s such a big human being as well. So you got to bring the fight and I’d like to think that I did that, and I’m really happy with it. Didn’t get the win but had a good showing. So that’s all I can really ask for against a guy like him.”

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