On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman welcomed former UFC Heavyweight Champion and host of Bloodsport Josh Barnett onto the podcast where they previewed the card. One match they highlighted was Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Josh Alexander, and Barnett previewed that match-up.

“Two very established individuals, two very technical individuals, the Canadian thing just seemed to be circumstance,” Barnett admitted, “It just worked out that way, but I just really felt that there was something there between both of their skill sets and strengths.

“Although, there is always one major thing that is, I’m sure, going to play a factor and that’s the fact that Harry is substantially, well, maybe not substantially, but decently bigger than Alexander. But that also is something to see, what sort of strategy Alexander comes up with, how to nullify that. A guy that’s been around as long as he has, that’s as technical as he is, you can only expect that he’s got a plan.”

Hausman noted that in his past conversations with Smith, Smith enjoys stretching people like his grandfather Stu Hart. Barnett agreed and said that most people don’t know how much of “an actual maniac he is deep down inside.”

“He does. He does very much so, and to be honest, that’s always been the case,” Barnett agreed. “It’s just that Harry, he doesn’t always open up to the public about, well, what an actual maniac he is deep down inside. I’ve seen him in the gym tearing people limb from limb. I’ve seen him get utterly frustrated with not performing to the ability in full-on MMA sparring and just drop his hand to just let a guy hit him like six-seven times because he’s so mad at himself and get back to it.”

Hausman also asked if Smith could have a future in MMA. Barnett said that he would support him and has for a long time while also noting that Smith could pull someone’s arm off and use it to beat his opponent with.

“Hard to say. I mean, if that’s something he wants, he knows I’ll do it for him,” Barnett said. “I’ll get it all set up, and I’ll run his training camp. People aren’t all that aware it seems, but I’ve been working with Harry Smith since before he ever even went to the WWE and before he was even old enough to drink. He’ll probably pull someone’s arm off and beat him with it.”

Another match-up that Hausman and Barnett highlighted was Homicide vs. Tom Lawlor. Hausman noted that the match-up is a contrast in styles, and Barnett agreed but pointed out that it’s a fight between two guys that can fight in their own style.

“Yeah, it is, but at the root of it is two people who know how to fight,” Barnett noted. “It’s a bit of a harken back to the early days of mixed martial arts where you have a street fighter brawler vs. a trained martial artist of some sort. I know in this case, Tom Lawlor being the former MMA fighter but I have no doubt that Homicide can hold his own with all the experience he’s had in professional wrestling over the years. I’m sure he’s picked up a thing or two.

Barnett admitted that he doesn’t have a lot of time to watch pro wrestling. He said that he’ll seek out a match every once a while for research, but he did say that Lawlor does have potential to do great with NJPW where he has made his debut with NJPW Strong.

“Some of this stuff you gotta track it all down. I just do not have time to go find every single [match],” Barnett stated. “Every now and again, I’ll sit down if I can find it on YouTube or something. If I need to do a little research on a wrestler, I’ll go out there, and I’ll take a look at stuff, although, that’s not always something I can do depending if they’ve had a match in an organization where it’s all locked behind a paywall, which I get, but as far as like just watching wrestling, no, I don’t watch wrestling. I bet he could do it. I bet Tom could do a killer job in New Japan.”

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