Kalisto On The Change In His Physical Appearance, Which WWE Star Is His Dream Match

Anytime someone loses some weight or bulks up, they state they're in "the best shape of my life." But for Kalisto that statement is actually true as he's made noticeable physique changes over the last few months and hasn't been shy about sharing those on social media.

Mark Henry certainly noticed about Kalisto's change in physical appearance and he asked him about it when Kalisto joined Busted Open.

"Mark, to be honest, I just feel like I'm awake. I'm awake, man. I see the light. I feel like now, it's my time and I feel that now, I'm ready to make a difference, man, and not only to myself but to show my audience to display how good I really am," Kalisto said before discussing what he's been focused on.

"I have just been focusing on myself. I'm awake. I'm alive. I have so much energy. I'm ready to go. Whoever's behind me, either catch up or I'll see you down the road. But I'm just so excited, so motivated, and I'm glad Jacob [Henry's son] sees that and that's something I've been wanting to ? just have my actions speak for itself instead of me saying, 'I'm going to be good! I'm going to be shredded!' No, I rather just have my actions speak for themselves and like I said it again, I'm doing it for myself too, because not only I feel happy, I feel good too. I feel good doing it. I'm happy every day and I just feel excited waking up at five in the morning every day. Just waking up, having my frozen donut, getting that run.

"So, now that I have a team, I feel that I have a goal and it's a ton of them. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm heading towards it, man, and as I said, I'm just happy. I'm motivated and I'm ready to go and I'm glad that Jacob sees that and I'm glad that he's a fan."

Kalisto has been with WWE since 2013 and has won four championships including twice being a United States Champion. But he thinks there is more for him to accomplish and he was asked what his current goals are.

"To me, my goal is to leave a legacy to be the best luchador of all time in WWE. That's my goal," stated Kalisto.

"At the end of the day, I'm just following my heart and I'm following what feels right and again, I just want to better myself and I just want to leave a good legacy in WWE, being the best luchador of all time and I'm working towards it, man."

To be the best luchador of all-time, Kalisto would have to take on many other Superstars who are in the running for that title. He talked about who else he'd like to step in the ring against in WWE.

"It's a long road ahead, but I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to sacrifice and I'm willing to take it. That's even in life. I've been reading a lot too, so my mindset is different, my body is different, my attitude is different, my goals are different. Like I said, that's why I say I'm awake. I'm awake because I'm hungry. I'm hungry again. I wasn't hungry before. Now, I'm hungry and my goal is to be the best luchador of all time and beat that legacy and to face Rey Mysterio one day. That will be great. I've never been in the ring with him ? ever been in the ring," said Kalisto.

"So, to me, that's a good feeling in a way, because we keep crossing paths. But one day, we will meet. We will meet in that ring ? best and the best. So, that's my goal too and, again, to leave my legacy as the best luchador of all time."

Due to the COVID pandemic and obstacles he's had to overcome in his own life, Kalisto spent a lot of time soul searching over the last year. He talked about changing his thought process and if that change forced him to reset some goals that he wanted to achieve.

"You can say that. Well with me, I mean ? because of injuries ? the last injury that I had was in December [2019]. I had a separated shoulder with some ligament tear which cost me to have a longer recovery, especially because of COVID-19. So, I couldn't go to training or anything like that and I had to do my own therapy. I had to find my own self. That's when I kept asking myself questions, 'What am I doing? What have I done in the past?' I have just been going straight down the road," admitted Kalisto.

"I started analyzing my life and analyzing myself. I need to be better not only health-wise, I need to be better mentally as well because, to me, I get lost doing the same thing. There are some moments here and there, but it goes like this, and the years, they go by fast without us knowing because we travel so much and the months turn into years and it just keeps going fast.

"So, my life just went past by me and to me, man, 'That was two years ago?! Wow that was three years ago! Man!' and to me, that's why I start analyzing myself and just, 'You know what? I'm going to do this; I'm going to do that. I'm going to have a schedule. I'm going to focus. I'm going to do this for me to be a better person and to be a better performer."

Kalisto was born in Chicago but spent the early part of his life in Mexico. There he watched some of the greatest luchadors of all-time and he was asked which ones stood out to him as a kid.

"I mean, there are the legends ? El Santo, Blue Demon ? I mean their moves, very inspiring to me growing up as a kid watching their moves. But for me, I can name so many wrestlers. There's just so many, but to me, the one that stood out growing up was a luchador named Tinieblas," revealed Kalisto.

"He was six foot something. Well to me, he was like seven-foot and he had his little mini muñeco, which is a little monster, looks like a miniature Chewbacca. His character is based out of Jupiter; he came from Jupiter. He's a superhero so his mask is shaped like a triangle. He was the only wrestler that had a very unique mask at that time. Today, I still feel he has a unique mask.

"It's just a triangle, but the way he displays himself, the way he presents himself, he makes the mask and his back story. 'I'm a superhero from Jupiter. I brought my little monster straight from there to come to Planet Earth to save Earth' and to me, that was very inspiring and I just love superheroes. To me, El Santo, Blue Demon and Tinieblas. I'll pick them three."

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