Kevin Nash On Why He Would Have Wanted Sasha Banks In The NWO

Kevin Nash was part of one of the greatest factions in wrestling history with the New World Order. He was also part of a backstage group with The Kliq, so he knows a thing or two about being part of a great stable.

One of those stables that often gets left out of the conversation in terms of greatest stables is Main Event Mafia in TNA. Nash was asked if it was one of the most underrated factions when he joined That Hashtag Show.

"Yeah! We were doing some numbers. I mean, and the thing was, Book [Booker T] went back to WWE and they just disbanded us. That was a good faction of guys – people were watching. I looked at the numbers during that period and those numbers are stronger than either of the shows are doing now," stated Nash.

"That's another thing, too. IMPACT is still basically TNA. People don't realize that WCW was around for 10 years. TNA was s?t; I think I was there for nine."

What made The Kliq so unique back in the 90s was that it was a group of friends who worked in different companies at a time when everyone was still very protective of the business. That isn't the case as much now, but we still have groups like Bullet Club or The O.C. with members in different promotions.

Nash was asked if he looks fondly at modern-day groups like these, and he says he is proud that The Kliq, in a way, gave birth to groups like these.

"When we get together, man, we're not afraid to put each other over. We'll sit there, and look, and go, 'Hey man, for five mother f—ers that decided to get in the car together and drive up and down the road, we picked a pretty good f—ing five guys.' Four of us are going to be two-time Hall of Famers, and the only reason that Hunter isn't is because he won't put himself in. So, The Kliq would all be ? there'd be nine people that'd be two-time Hall of Famers and five of them would be The Kliq. The other ones are Hogan, Flair, Booker and Bret," stated Nash.

Everyone loves to joke about how many members the nWo had, but even with over 60 members, it still lacked any women wrestlers. It had valets like Miss Elizabeth and, for a brief time, Torrie Wilson, but no female wrestlers were official members as WCW didn't emphasize them at the time. Nash was asked which current female wrestler he would have wanted as part of the group.

"That would be Sasha [Banks]. I thought her match at SummerSlam that she lost, I thought the psychology was amazing at the end. Yeah, I mean, there was some thought, but there were several times that she had [Asuka] in ? 'Is she going to tap? No, she's not going to tap.' They worked it back and forth, and I thought... I'm not seeing that anywhere else," admitted Nash. "I mean, I'm seeing it here. I'm seeing it in her match and she's very attractive. I mean, that goes without saying, but she has that swag. She's the total package."

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.