Liv Morgan On Her Favorite Match In WWE, Wanting To Compete In More "Hardcore" Style Matches

When Liv Morgan made her WWE debut as part of the Riott Squad, many fans noticed that her character bared many similarities to that of Harley Quinn. Not only did they have similar physical characteristics, but Morgan also displayed mannerisms which were akin to those of the DC Universe supervillain.


Morgan was asked about the similarities between her character and Harley Quinn when she joined Table Talk w/ DVon.

"So, when we had those conversations at the time, I didn't even watch Suicide Squad. I obviously know who Harley Quinn is. She's a very, very iconic character. I did watch her newer movie [Birds of Prey], but it's funny because without knowing her, I guess we do have similar nuances of the way we speak. I guess, but that was kind of just natural. So, when I did see her movie, I was like, 'Okay, I can understand where the comparison comes from fans because it is definitely — you see similarities. But, I wasn't a fan then. I'm definitely a fan of her now," said Morgan.

With five years of wrestling experience now under her belt, Morgan is an established veteran, and by this time she's likely established a specific pre-match routine. She revealed what she does to get her mind right before every match.


"Pacing probably four miles in 30 minutes; I get really nervous and I just feel a lot of pressure. I want to do my best, so I try to calm myself down as best as I can. So, I just try to have one moment where I can close my eyes, breathe, relax, gather myself, know what I know I'm doing, but I'm pacing back and forth," stated Morgan. "I'm saying little prayers in my head, good thoughts, putting good vibes out there, talking to Ruby [Riott] a bunch. I have Ruby in my ear saying great things, great things about me, making me feel super confident before I go out. That's about it. Trying to pump myself up and just try to get myself ready for the ring."

Morgan made her main roster debut in November 2017 as part of the Riott Squad. She discussed how she was notified that she would be making her SmackDown debut, and how well she knew Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan beforehand.

"It was so unexpected. I don't know whose idea it was really, to be honest. But we all got an email, separate emails, that we had to show up to RAW. And we show up to RAW and also, Mandy [Rose] is there, Sonya [Deville] is there. We're just like, 'Okay, something is up.' Then they tell us, 'You guys are debuting on Monday' ? this is to Mandy and Sonya ? 'You guys are debuting on Monday with Paige and you guys are going to be The Riott Squad debuting.' I think it was on Tuesday's SmackDown and we had no idea, and that was the start. And that was it, and I wasn't really friends with Ruby and Sarah," revealed Morgan.


"At that time, I wasn't really friends with them. I had my own friends and they had their own friends at NXT. We hung out with different people. So, we worked together ? we had that before ? but definitely on a personal level, I didn't know them at all, and I was great friends with Mandy and Sonya actually. So, I was like, 'Damn,' and then we met and we worked together. We noticed super quickly how much we actually had in common right away.

"Ruby and Sarah, they had 10 years of being friends already under their belts. They knew each other. I was just someone new coming to their dynamic, but it just happened so easily, and so naturally, and so organic, and now, they're my sisters, my best friends. They know more about me than anyone else. We're in a group chat; we talk all the time. We fly for Christmases and birthdays, so, it just really ended up being its own thing. And it was the best thing that's ever happened, because no matter what, I'll have these two girls that will be my friends forever. So, it was crazy."

Until recently, Liv wasn't in any WWE title pictures since Elimination Chamber in 2019, when she teamed with Logan to challenge for the Women's Tag Titles. But Morgan points to another match when asked what her favorite match is so far.


"I think Evolution. That was the height of me, Ruby, and Sarah. I remember that match," Morgan said of The Riott Squad taking on Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya in a six-woman tag match. "We just worked so well. We worked so well, and we just studied so hard for that match. Just add some psychology, the quick tags in and out the ring, staying fresh, and also, that night meant so much to me. It was our first ever all-women's pay-per-view.

"It was so much bigger than WWE. It was just women empowerment and just proving we're a draw, and it was amazing. But yeah, the match was my favorite. I was so in the moment. I was so emotionally invested, and we were so close to winning. Nattie, Bayley, and Sasha, they were great. It was just my favorite match, for sure. I watch it back a lot."

When it comes to the types of matches Morgan said she wants to be a part of, she didn't hold back in saying she wouldn't mind taking part in some of the more violent match types out there.

"I mean, I definitely want to be in the Money in the Bank match. I want to be in a TLC match. I want to be in a Ladder match. I want to be in a Steel Cage. I want to be in Hell in a Cell. I'd love to be in Elimination Chamber," stated Morgan. "Yeah, that's what attracted me to wrestling growing up was just these hardcore, physically intense matches, and I was just so drawn to it. I was like, 'I can do that and I want to do that', so I'm super ready for my opportunity to be in all those matches that I just said. I'm super excited, and I know [I have] plenty of time. So, I'm waiting on it."


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