Matt Cardona recently joined the Pro Wrestling Junkies for a virtual Q & A with fans, and took the time during the chat to discuss how his AEW offer came about. It comes as no surprise that his friendship with AEW star and Executive Vice President, Cody Rhodes, played a big part in him receiving the initial short-term deal.

“The AEW deal – that happened because obviously that’s the place to be,” Cardona said. “For years, you hear, ‘This new promotion is coming’ and it never comes. AEW actually did come, and I was like, ‘I definitely want to go there.’ And luckily for me, it doesn’t hurt that I’m good friends with Cody Rhodes. He has quite a bit of stroke over there. To come out and do that month and a couple matches, plus the pay-per-view, was a lot of fun. Hopefully, I get to do it again with them really soon.”

Cardona went on to say that although his initial deal with AEW has expired, there is still a ton of talent there that he wants to work with. He went on to list Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega as particular talents that he wants to step in the ring with.

“There’s so many people,” Cardona said. “I made a list and I don’t want to leave people off by accident. I look at it like I look at wrestling toys, you know? There’s just so many that I want to play with. Whether it’s guys that I’ve wrestled before, like Brodie Lee or Cody or Jericho. There’s so many that I haven’t wrestled before, like Darby Allin, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega. I’m already forgetting people, but that’s what’s so cool about it, and it’s a lot of fun to think about wrestling again.”

Although Cardona is hopeful to continue working with AEW, he also mentioned he would love to work some independent shows as well.

“That’s the thing right now,” Cardona said. “It’s so exciting that I can work in all these different places. Right now, it’s just a weird situation and time in the world. When Cody left WWE, he put out the list of where all he wanted to work. I could never put out a list, but in my head, I definitely have a list of places I want to go. I’d love to go to New Japan and wrestle there. There’s also indies here in America that I would love to do.”

“I’d love to go back to my hometown promotion in New York – their big event was called the Psycho Circus,” Cardona added. “I’d love to go there and main event just to say that I did it and close that chapter of that book. When the world opens back up, it’s going to be the best time in wrestling because the fans are excited and so are the wrestlers. There’s going to be some kicka– shows!”

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