Miro On The Top AEW Star He's Looking Forward To Working With

AEW Unrestricted welcomed Miro onto the podcast, where he opened up about a variety of topics. He talked about his AEW debut and how that came together, discussing his conversations with AEW President Tony Khan.

"We started talking to Tony, and he wanted to bring us [to Florida] and we took time," Miro said. "And we wanted to execute the exact amount of the right contract for the right time, the right opportunity. I was very keen on telling him that I'm very passionate about different projects, about my Twitch, about working in other places and doing different things, like outside projects, and he was very open to it. And it was a huge, like wow, like you really care that I can succeed on my own on the outside, and we can use that.

"So that was the biggest plus out of everything, and as soon as I heard that he's willing to do that for me, I was willing to work with Tony at the same time. And let's be honest, there is no other better place than AEW out there at all. It was a no-brainer. It was definitely a no-brainer for me, and I'm so glad and I'm so blessed this whole thing is happening. And I can re-live; I can live again what I really love to do, which is professional wrestling."

Miro spoke more about how Khan gives talent creative freedom, citing his promo he cut upon his debut. He confirms that Chris Jericho gave him the brass ring line, and he talked about how the promo made sense and wasn't just him saying random thoughts.

"He puts it on to you," Miro stated. "Like, 'what do you want to say?' Well Tony, this is what I feel like saying. 'Well, cool. Let's just go out there and say it.' The first promo, I had an idea on what I wanted to say, and Chris was there. Jericho is the best at that. So, I went, 'Chris, do you mind?' So, I ran it by him, and he just gave me the line about the brass ring.

"And I was so shocked, because never in my mind I would have thought I could say anything like it, because I think the worst thing before that I said was 'ass', and I felt like a bad boy for seven years because I said ass. And I was like, to my wife, 'you see that? I said ass last night.' But last night, last week or two weeks ago was a completely different thing.

"But once again, it made sense. It was not forced. It wasn't like, 'oh, you just said something'. It made sense, and it was not like, the worst insult. Everything had to make sense, and I think it did. And as I said, now, we're moving on and we're going to do better things."

Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone spoke highly of Khan and how he lets talent be themselves. Miro agreed, saying that he prefers to come up with lines himself rather than memorize a script.

"He's excited about it, too. He will support you, but at the same time, if he has a different vision, he will let you know about it," Miro noted. "He's like, 'no, I see this viewed in this way.' OK, cool. But he's like, 'but you say what you want. I see the shot this way.' Alright Tony, whatever you want – you're the boss. But at the same time, he still gives me the creative freedom to create what I want in the setting that he wants to set up. 'I want you guys to bench press today.' Cool, I'm going to bench press. What do you want me to say? 'Whatever you want.' Oh, OK, so your idea is to want to bench press.

"It's my idea to say [whatever I want]. I can work with that instead of trying to learn a seven-page script and all that, which I guess different people work different things. I think I'm way better coming up with my own words instead of memorizing somebody else's writing five minutes before I go out."

Miro took Twitter questions from fans, and one question asked which AEW star Miro would like to face. Miro noted that he's already worked with the former WWE wrestlers, and named Kenny Omega as someone he would like to work with.

"There's so many people because I haven't worked with any of these guys," Miro noted. "It's all new, and it's like I'm a little kid. I have all these toys, and by 'all these toys', I mean nothing but respect for these guys because they're so good and they know so many things. But who is the one that I'm looking forward to most? As much as I would love to work [Jon] Moxley, I've worked with him before. Maybe not on a PPV scale, but we did live events where we had some fantastic matches. I worked with Brodie [Lee]; we've been a tag team. I worked with Cody, but I think Kenny, man.

"I think Kenny's got to be the man. Kenny is like, I don't know. There's just something about him. It's the machine, it's the eyes, it's the attitude, and the same time, he's so freaking good... He's a gamer as well, so I think there's a lot of challenges there that I'm ready for. I'm really, really looking forward to be able to work with Kenny. For years, I've been watching him. Big fan of his; I can't wait.

"Because also, he's a big dude. He's not — and no disrespect to the small guys, he's a big dude. He's big, he's in great shape, and I don't think, as far as I know, as far as I've seen, there is no negatives to him. Like, it's all upside. There's no like, 'oh, this guy's good at this and good at this, but he sucks at that.' I don't think there's anything with Kenny like this, and it's not just Kenny. There's a lot of people in AEW that way. But just because we're talking about Kenny, there's no downside."

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