Paige Makes Comment On Learning About Unionism After Recent Third Party Issues, Zelina Vega Responds

Paige took to Twitter today and fueled the rumor mill with a tweet on unionism.

Various wrestlers have talked about a possible labor union in pro wrestling for years but there's never really been a strong attempt, especially in WWE or other major promotions, as it would drastically change the landscape of the business. Paige's tweet has people speculating on how there may be someone gathering WWE talents to discuss a possible union in the company, to potentially influence what happens next coming out of the company's recent the third party ruling. It's unlikely that WWE is talking to talents about any kind of union activity.


"Learned a lot about unionism today," Paige wrote today.

Zelina Vega, who also has a Twitch account with husband Aleister Black and other social media platforms, responded to Paige's tweet.

"[thinking face emoji] hmm..," Vega wrote back.

It was recently revealed that WWE will be taking over the Twitch accounts owned by WWE talents, and that WWE will get a cut of the revenue. This comes after WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon recently issued an edict that said talents had until October 2 to cease all unauthorized third party activity with various social platforms. It was noted that repeated violations could result in potential fines, suspensions or termination. You can click here to read Paige's recent comments on her successful Twitch account, and you can click here to read Vega's recent comments on her Twitch.


Stay tuned for more on WWE's new third party policies. You can see the full exchange from Paige and Vega below: