For the past month, The Mysterio Family saga with Seth Rollins and Murphy has taken a dramatic turn with the addition of the relationship between Aalyah and Murphy. Rey Mysterio discussed how everything has unfolded during his interview on WWE’s The Bump.

“Well, it’s been hard for us,” Mysterio began with a sadness in his voice. “We’ve had little bits of discussions. Believe it or not, we come back home and this topic doesn’t just stay at the Amway Center every week. It comes back home with us, and we discuss this and we try to figure out what the best solution is. I think the only solution for all of this is to finally put an end to it, with Seth [Rollins], first and foremost, and then move on to Murphy.

“You know, we’ve always had a great relationship. We communicate a lot, but for some reason, this has separated us a little bit. Things are still on the edge. They haven’t been completely clear; I just don’t understand why she’s not opening up to me.”

“The SmackDown Savior” recently made an appearance on The Bump to clarify where he stands with The Mysterio Family following his arrival on the blue brand. Although he wants to put this very long feud behind him, Rey is nowhere near ready to conclude this.

“Well, no. If it would’ve happened that way and we both would have ended up in different brands, I would have figured out how to put an end to this,” he noted. “Fortunately for me, we’re both on SmackDown. So this was something that he started, and I have to make sure and be clear on this – this is something that I will end, not him.”

Once Rey and Dominik can finish things with Rollins, they look forward to all the opportunities they’ll take part in. One of those happens to be forming a tag team and pursuing The Stree Profit’s tag team titles.

“There are lots of challenges out there for Dominik and me on SmackDown. We’ve talked about gold, you know? Something that’s been in the back of our minds. What better time for us to obtain gold as a tag team [than now]?” he asked. “We’ve always talked about being able to share the ring together, but when you talk about gold, I mean, it literally could be right around the corner. I just have to make sure I put an ending to what’s going on right now.”

You can watch Rey Mysterio’s full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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