Teddy Hart Jailed In Texas

Edward "Teddy Hart" Annis has been jailed in Fort Worth, Texas.

Annis was brought into Fort Worth's Tarrant County Jail on Thursday for being named a fugitive from justice in the state of Texas, a charge that dates back to May of this year. According to PWInsider.com, Annis was previously sentenced to ten days of prison in Virginia's Richmond County Jail for violating a house arrest he was under for an arrest earlier this year in that state.

Annis was scheduled for a hearing in Richmond, VA this morning, but was transferred from the Richmond County Jail to the Tarrant County Jail yesterday. It seems like the hearing in Virginia has been cancelled, and Annis has been allowed to return to the state of Texas.

Texas court records listed Annis as facing charges for injuring a child, an elderly person, and a disabled person, as well as evading arrest with a vehicle and possession of a controlled substance. Annis has already been arrested for those three charges in both 2016 and 2017 in Arlington County, TX. This latest arrest appears to be due to a violation of either probation or parole.

The former MLW star has not competed inside a wrestling ring since February of this year. He had been cut from MLW in December of 2019.