On this past week’s Raw, Sheamus inserted himself into the Drew McIntyre-Sheamus storyline and gifted McIntyre with a sword and kilt. It’s unknown where this storyline will end but we do know that McIntyre and Sheamus have a decades long friendship dating back to their time in Europe.

The two first wrestled each other 15 years ago in Irish Whip Wrestling and have also faced off in FCW and WWE. But they seem to have more of a friendship during McIntyre’s battles with Orton but we all know have friendships usually end in the world of pro wrestling. McIntyre was asked where his storyline with Sheamus will end up when he joined ViBe & Wrestling.

“Where would I like to go? I’d like to keep doing what we’re doing. I think it’s interesting and different to anything we’re doing because obviously Sheamus is, you know, seen as a bad guy on television. I’m kind of seen as a good guy on television and you’ve got us interacting with each other and you see that we’re obviously friends. And the feedback I generally get is it feels natural and this is how people talk in real life; this is just real,” stated McIntyre.

“We’re kind of peeking around the corner watching these guys because we are real friends, we’ve known each other forever. He was the best man at my wedding and the chemistry on screen was real because we have that real relationship and I’d like to keep going down the path we’re on right now. I don’t think we need to jump into a match, everyone keeps saying, ‘Oh, when’s he going to turn around and get Brogue Kicked?’ Why’d they have to Brogue Kick me right away?”

McIntyre then indicated that this Sheamus storyline will have a very slow build which is unusual in today’s pro wrestling landscape.

“We’ll get 52 weeks of TV and we can take this as far as we can take. Maybe we can do something together ? how interesting would that be if he’s still Sheamus doing the nasty things he does and I’m still Drew McIntyre doing what I do over here? But in the middle sometimes we tag and we’re able to interact with each we have that friendship and see how that can go,” said McIntyre. “There’s so many possibilities that I don’t think we have to jump into a match too way down the line? And again 52 weeks of TV ? let’s not rush a story for once.”

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