Exclusive: Several BSK Members Attending Undertaker's "Final Farewell"

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During the interview Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman and Vega discuss MLW's The Restart, Undertaker's "Final Farewell" and all things Bone Street Krew. Vega confirmed to "honorary BSK member" Hausman that he will be at Survivor Series for The Undertaker's "Final Farewell".

"Yes, I got a call on Friday of last week before I got on the plane to New York City, and I was asked if I'd like to be in this big moment of The Undertaker / Mark Callaway's career," Vega recalled. "I'll be there as a friend, as a wrestler and as a BSK member, and when they called me and asked if I'd like to be there, of course, why not? He's my friend. He's a good person. So on the 21st, I'm flying to Orlando, and we're going to be at Survivor Series on the 22nd."

Hausman asked what Vega will be doing at Survivor Series as part of Undertaker's farewell. He said that he was not sure just yet, but expressed his excitement for the BSK reunion.

"So far, I'm going to be just there. Some of the BSK members are going to be there, and we'll see what happens," Vega said. "I hope something happens there. I'm just happy to be with my crew, my guys. You got Fatu (Rikishi), you got Papa Shango / The Godfather, you got Taker [and] you got the Godwinns. I mean, I'm happy just for that."

It is presumed that this "Final Farewell" will be The Undertaker's official retirement. While Vega was not sure if The Undertaker will truly retire, he noted that if you are going to retire, don't come back, unless the fans demand it. With that idea in mind, Hausman and Vega joked about a BSK vs. The Kliq match to finally settle their decades long feud.

"I can't tell you because I don't know. I don't know what the plan is," Vega admitted. "Maybe it's a retirement. This is my experience with retirements. In Puerto Rico, Carlos Colon retired. [Then] six months later, [he] came back because, I don't know, we needed to make a big house. Then he later retired a couple of months later. The people lose interest in those retirements because when you do a retirement, you retire. You're out of the picture, and you continue coming back and coming back. Don't tell the people you're going to retire and come back.

"I believe in this case, Taker doesn't need to come back. He had a few injuries. I believe that he feels good right now, working out and taking care of him and his family. And I believe that they're gonna do a retirement, and it has to be for real. If they do a comeback, it would have to be a comeback where the fans want that comeback, maybe one more night.

"You get there, the Godwinns are there, you got Charles / The Godfather there and we finally get BSK vs. The Kliq," Hausman added. "Shawn Michaels comes out of retirement. I think that's what we all want."

"Right! 20 years later," Vega jokingly agreed. "That's money!"

Vega recalled his matches against The Undertaker and described viewing Undertaker's iconic entrance from the perspective of being in the ring. He praised The Undertaker for his attitude inside and outside of the ring. He also expressed his excitement to see him again saying he can't wait to give him a bear hug.

"Well, I worked with him, I believe, two times. One as Savio Vega and one as Kwang," Vega recalled. "Before I worked with him, I was doing the Kwang character coming into the ring sometimes with Fuji and Yokozuna. Already, maybe 20 years in the business, you'd be there in the big show or any house show and be in the middle of the ring. Then you see those lights turn off and hear that gong go (Vega makes the sounds effect). I got goosebumps (Vega shows off excitement to Hausman) because it's like wow!

"What I did was look at the fans. I liked to see their reaction [and] how they look, and I'm in the ring. You could see their reactions, and then at the end, you got the one, two, three. You get the reaction of the people, the music playing [and] the man just taking off. Beautiful. Many nights, house shows, when you have the opportunity where Yoko faced Undertaker and to be in the middle of the ring and see that reaction [and] working with him too. I mean, if I have to do it tomorrow, let's do it.

"He's a professional. He's a businessman. He is a leader of the dressing room. What a guy. What a person. I remember when he came to Puerto Rico with the company, I went to see him, and he waited for me backstage. I'm already no longer with the company, and he waited for me in the back, took me to his dressing room and we talked about many many things. [I'm] just waiting for next week to see him again and give him a big bear hug."

"MLW: The Restart" begins on Wednesday November 18th. For more information visit www.MLW.com. You can follow Savio on Twitter @SavioVega.

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