At NXT TakeOver: Toronto in 2016, FTR ? then known as The Revival in WWE ? had a match with DIY that is considered one of the best tag matches in recent memory. But afterwards Cody and The Young Bucks attempted to discredit FTR by saying they had to “practice” their matches beforehand. That didn’t sit well with Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood who have since had a bullseye on the backs of The Young Bucks and have patiently waited to get in the ring with them.

That opportunity will finally come this week at AEW Full Gear as FTR will defend their Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks. This match has been four years in the making and AEW has been building towards it since FTR made their promotional debut in May, but Wheeler and Harwood admittedly feel underwhelmed with the build up to the bout. They talked more about why they feel that way in an interview with

“We begged for our release from WWE for two years, and I’m not saying that with any bitterness. We begged for our release from WWE because of this match? Am I happy with the build? I think the build to this match could be a little bit better,” said Harwood. “Obviously when you’re an artist, you think that your piece is the most important piece in the whole museum and I do believe that. I don’t know if that comes off as selfish or not, but we believe that our piece in the AEW art is the most important art in the museum of Full Gear.

“The build, I feel, could have been a little bit better. We could have had a little more time devoted to this match and to make it a little more special. But with everything that has been given to us, we all four have put every ounce of effort into these next few weeks of building to make sure it’s just as important as we want it to come off, just as important as the fans had hoped it to be and I think that at Full Gear, you’re going to see quite possibly the greatest tag team match of all time? This match is super important to us. I wish the build could have been a little bit better, but I’ll tell you this, the next few months should be fun.”

An added stipulation in the match is that if The Bucks lose, then they will never again challenge for the AEW Tag Titles. That stipulation and Harwood teasing “the next few months” seems to indicate this won’t be the last time these two teams face off against each other.

“It’s kind of surreal, I don’t know if it’s really sunk in yet that it’s less than two weeks away,” stated Wheeler last week. “What is it, eight days away right now? I have this tension in me, this energy and anxiety that I haven’t felt since the American Alpha stuff, the DIY stuff just because we hope that this lives up to the expectations that we have for it and the fans have for it. We have dreamed about being the best tag team in the world and proving it to the point where nobody can ever deny that. We hope this match can be a defining tag team match for our generation.”

“For so long, professional wrestling has kind of bastardized tag team wrestling and it’s been put on the backburner,” said Harwood. “We’re hoping that this isn’t the pinnacle of tag team wrestling. We hope it is the beginning of the build for tag team wrestling to show how important tag team wrestling is, to show what an integral part of tag team wrestling this can be.”

“To get to your question, the build hasn’t been exactly what I hope it would be, and maybe we won’t main event Full Gear, but we are going to guaran-Goddamn-tee that no one on that show can follow us after that and there’s nothing left standing,” said Wheeler. “Those fans are going to be so spent and people watching at home are going to be so exhausted that we are going to be on our last legs so that people know, without a shadow of doubt, that it was the best tag team match they are ever going to see.”