A pre-trial hearing was held today for Armando Alejandro Montalvo, who was arrested on June 22nd for once again trespassing at the WWE Performance Center. Montalvo has repeatedly appeared at the premises of the Performance Center since being shot outside of the facility in 2015.

While Montalvo’s public defender was at the hearing today, Montalvo did not appear despite the hearing taking place in Florida, where they are doing in-person court appearances. The courts had stated that Montalvo is required to appear in court for any pre-trial hearings.

Montalvo remains jailed in Orange County. It is not known why he did not make his scheduled court appearance. The pre-trial has been rescheduled for January 6, 2021 with a trial date of January 9, 2021.

Montalvo was arrested in June 5th on charges of Battery On Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Officer With Violence and Trespassing On Property After Warning outside of a Walmart. Montalvo posted $2,750 bond and continued to harass talent at the Performance Center, including interacting with Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke on June 15th. He was arrested and charged with Trespassing on Property After Warning on June 22nd for once again appearing outside of the Performance Center. Due to being out on bond during this arrest, he was denied bail.

This past September, WWE filed for a permanent injunction against Montalvo. Despite being in jail and being ordered to have no contact with WWE staff, Montalvo sent a letter to WWE attorney Elisa D’Amico on August 3rd. The transcribed version of the letter is below, you can view a page of the handwritten letter at this link.

It was noted that Montalvo’s defense will look over the discovery report, which includes written statements from the security guard and Sheriff’s department, body cam footage and Montalvo’s own cell phone footage that he posted on Facebook.

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