Former WWE Superstar and member of the Bone Street Krew Savio Vega recently sat down with “honorary BSK member” Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman to discuss all things BSK on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast. Vega discussed the formation of BSK in conjunction with The Kliq, another backstage group that consisted of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Sean Waltman.

“Well, you got Yokozuna, rest in peace [and] you got Mr. Fuji also there, but Yoko came up with the idea,” Vega revealed. “We all hung out together. You got Fatu, which is Rikishi, you have Taker and you have Papa (Godfather). One day, the BSK was just born, and it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re going to be BSK.’ And we continued talking about things here and there, and here we are. Then you got The Kliq on one side.

“Then the other crew of the guys, ‘Oh, we’re going to call it this.’ I remember, I forget the name, it was Billy Gunn and [Road Dogg] Jesse James. ‘We’re gonna be there.’ We laugh a lot, but it was fun. We were gentleman, professionals, very straight to the point and happy to be with them and come back to be united. I’m happy.”

Vega confirmed on the podcast that he and other BSK members will be attendance at The Undertaker’s “Final Farewell”, which would not only reunite BSK but also, most likely reunite BSK with The Kliq. Vega discussed the relationship BSK and The Kliq shared backstage in the mid-90s.

“We respected everybody and ourselves and their crew. There was some heat here and there, but everybody worked as a professional,” Vega noted. “We work for the company. We couldn’t have gang fighting because we worked for one company. The check comes in from one side. We couldn’t be tough guys that are going to beat everybody up or whatever, but we took care of each other, and a few things happened. We were all equal.”

Hausman noted that after Vega left the Nation of Domination and formed Los Boricuas, both factions had a BSK member in it, except for The Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA). Vega pointed out that their characters would have changed dramatically if each faction had a BSK member.

“No, they are not and what they did is they put me in the Nation of Domination, and when they broke up The Nation, you got Crush on one side. He got free from me, so they put the factions there, but it could’ve been good in that time if you put some BSK crew in there,” Vega admitted. “You got Papa, you got Savio [and] you got Fatu maybe. Something different like ‘What the hell’s going on here?’ But I mean they wrote it in pencil, and they did whatever they wanted.”

Vega revealed that they had talked to Vince McMahon to make BSK an official faction that would have included Ahmed Johnson. However, he said McMahon turned it down because the faction would have been “too strong”, but Hausman noted that a feud between BSK and The Kliq was missed out on, which led Vega to say that it would have been “the most easy storyline.”

“Why not? Of course,” Vega expressed. “One time we talked to Vince to be Ahmed Johnson in the BSK when I was in the BSK, and you have Ron, you got Crush, you got me and then you have, maybe by that time, Ahmed Johnson. And Vince looked at it and said, ‘It’s too strong. He’s too strong. We need to create balance,’ and in the moment, it’s like, ‘Okay, and we just continue working,’ but later, it’s like, ‘Well, if you have a strong team, super, mega strong, that makes your babyface strong too. And that way both go up, but that wasn’t the case. So later on, after everything broke, that’s when they brought in Ahmed Johnson.

“Why missed out on Kliq-BSK during the Monday Night War?”, Hausman pointed out.

“Imagine that?,” Vega remarked. “Bring that backstage heat in front of the cameras, that’s the most easy storyline right there.”

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