In light of the worldwide pandemic, many people, including WWE Superstars, had to rewire their minds and bodies from being on the road all year long to being close to home more. For Apollo Crews, he says this year gave him more time to spend with his two children and his fiance. He said the biggest takeaway was staying home with his children and facing the hardship that comes from being a full-time stay at home parent.

“One thing this whole pandemic kind of helped me learn was that I had some growing up to do. I changed as a human being, and I feel like I became more of a man,” Apollo Crews openly admitted in his Chasing Glory interview. “I grew a lot of patience. When this first started, I was very impatient. I was like, ‘Man, I can’t deal with this. I need to just go back on the road.’ And that was something that was gone: me having my time. But then I realized, this is what she’s been going through this whole time.

“I give mothers the most amount of respect, especially a single mother. Man, women have a hard job as mothers. I have so much respect for any mother out there who’s raising kids because it’s a tough job. I [also] have respect for single fathers because it’s a tough job. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I just go with the flow.”

He mentions that his three-year-old daughter is quite a fan of the former seven-time WWE 24/7 Champion and longtime friend to Crews, Akira Tozawa.

“She loves Tozawa,” he said with a big smile. “He came over recently, and he hasn’t seen her in a while, and he’s like, ‘Man, she talks so much now!’ I’m like, ‘She does!'”

He admits that once travel restrictions are lifted, he says it’s going to be hard for him to go back on the road following all this time he’s had a home with his family.

“It’ll be hard,” he admitted. “I mean, my kids get so excited [when I come back home], but it’ll be tough.”

Looking ahead, Crews is looking to have another big breakout moment like he did this summer when he won the WWE United States Championship. He mentions that it doesn’t matter which brand he goes to he just wants to be part of the fun and productivity, something he knows he has to work on in the future.

“I feel like no matter where I’m at, as long as something productive is happening, it doesn’t really matter what I am,” he stated. “I love Raw. I love SmackDown. Each show has different things, but wherever I go, I just want to be part of the show. I just want to be part of something special.”

One thing he knows will gravitate fans back towards his character is if he were to become a heel. While most know him to be a happy, easy-going, loveable babyface, he thinks becoming a methodical and well thought out heel might gain new or former fan’s eyes on him again.

“I would love to,” he exclaimed. “I’m not one of them that would just destroy things; I’d want to be the more thought out one. I wouldn’t be the guy who comes out throwing stuff. I like the thought out and methodical ones. My tone may change a little, but you’ll know that ‘Oh, man, this dude is serious.'”

Crews concluded his interview with a cliffhanger on what he would like to do to get back to the top again in WWE.

“I know that’s what’s holding me back at the end of the day,” he said. “I actually have to do it instead of saying it. I feel like somewhere along the lines, I got too comfortable, and I kind of lost that drive. Winning the title actually put me back on track because I knew once I won the title, this isn’t it…I won’t say, I know, [but] I’ll say I know what I have to do to get back there.”

You can watch Apollo Crews’ full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Lilian Garcia -Chasing Glory with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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