Dark Order’s John Silver and Alex Reynolds were on today’s episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast where they discussed their hilarious skits on BTE as well as their time in WWE as extras.

Silver and Reynolds tagged together on an episode of SmackDown at Madison Square Garden, and Reynolds discussed what that meant for them, especially since they were both from the Long Island area.

“That was just wild,” Reynolds expressed. “At that time, It was always cool doing extra work for WWE, but both of us had done it for so long that you know what to expect. You’re going in. You’re going to eat catering. Maybe you do something. Maybe you don’t, whatever. It’s just uncomfortable, but when they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s at MSG.’ It’s like, ‘Oh I want this one. We’re not passing that one up,’ and then earlier in the day, we kind of had matches beforehand, So John and I just wrestled each other.

“And they just pulled us both aside and were like, ‘Hey, it’s gonna be you guys vs. Heavy Machinery.’ For Long Island guys, wrestling in Madison Square Garden, [it’s a big deal]. It’s wild, and the coolest moment for me was like, it’s SmackDown, you’re nervous, you want to make sure you’re doing it right and I remember John kind of elbowed me while the ring was dark. And he’s just like, ‘This is pretty cool.’ I looked around [and] looked where I was sitting at WrestleMania 20 [which was held at Madison Square Garden]. I was like, ‘Yeah, this is pretty cool.’ It was just a cool moment.”

Silver and Reynolds were asked if WWE ever offered them a contract, and Silver said not at that time, but he revealed he was offered a tryout shortly after signing with AEW.

Silver answered, “No, but after I signed here, they hit me up to do a tryout.”

Reynolds noted that soon after that SmackDown episode aired, they were contacted to be on the Philadelphia Dynamite episode a month later.

“What was wildest was that aired Tuesday,” Reynolds recalled. “That Thursday, we got hit up to do the Philly show.”

Reynolds pointed out that he and Silver were not a tag team during that time as they had agreed to go their separate ways as singles stars. However, their opportunities at WWE and AEW made them change their minds and keep going as a tag team.

“At that point, we weren’t even teaming together,” Reynolds noted. “We had split up. We were already kind of like, all right, let’s just do our own separate things, and then SmackDown happened. And I remember just being like, ‘Aw man, we’ve done a lot of cool stuff together. All right, that’s cool.’ Then two days later, it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, we want you and John for Dynamite in Philly.’ It’s like, should we just ride it? All right, guess we’re teaming together.”

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