Kenny Omega Appears On Impact Wrestling, Hypes Big Announcement On AEW Dynamite

Following his big victory over Jon Moxley, last Wednesday on Dynamite, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, and his manager, Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling, Don Callis, made an appearance on this week's episode of Impact to speak with color commentator Josh Mathews about his win and what's in store for him as the new champion.


In the interview, Mathews began by asking how long this AEW and Impact alliance was in the works. Callis says it all began when he met Kenny when he was 10-years-old through his uncle the Golden Sheik, who took Callis under his wing when he was first starting out in the business. From there, Callis made it his mission to be in Omega's corner from that point forward, including his championship reigns in New Japan Pro Wrestling. So, to briefly summarize, this idea has been in the works for nearly 27 years.

Mathews followed that statement by asking Omega if he could explain why he decided to use a microphone as a cheap shot on Moxley to gain the victory – something he said he wouldn't do during his and Moxley's gentlemen's agreement. Omega said, "When you involve family when you lay your hands on the invisible hand – what do you expect me to do?"


After, Omega went off on a tangent to explain the reason he made his way to Impact. He explains that growing up, he was an avid comic book collector. But one day, he just couldn't get the rarest comic books in the world, so he decided to drop that hobby. He compares his former hobby to what he wants to do now, which is to collect other world championships from other promotions, possibly including Impact. He also added that he loves to travel, and when he isn't tied up defending his new World Heavyweight Championship on AEW, he might be eyeing other potential belts and it's defenders.

Before they concluded the interview, Omega and Callis announced that they have a big announcement that they promise to deliver on AEW Dynamite tomorrow night. It'll be interesting to see what will be said then.

Below are video clips from Omega and Callis' interview on tonight's show: