After 14 years of wrestling on the indie scene, Kevin Owens finally joined WWE in 2014 when he reported to NXT. There he won the NXT Championship by defeating a man who Owens spent many of those 14 years alongside in Sami Zayn.

After about one year in developmental, Owens would be called up to the main roster where he’s continued his success and won another six WWE championships. While he’s moved onto bigger and better things since his NXT stint, Owens recently revealed that there was talk of him working with the NXT UK brand.

Here’s what he told about discussions of him heading overseas.

“They’re all extremely talented guys, and I would love to compete with any of those guys. I kind of got to do a bit with Imperium last year, so that was cool,” said Owens. “At one point, there was a plan for me to go back to NXT at some point last year, which didn’t happen, obviously.

“But we had even discussed, maybe if that happens, then maybe I could show up on NXT UK and work with all these different people. I’d love to get to do that!”

While Owens didn’t get a chance to go to NXT UK, he did, however, go back to the NXT he started out in with last year’s WarGames. Owens was the mystery partner for Tommaso Ciampa, Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee as they defeated The Undisputed Era in a WarGames match. It was Owens’ first match in NXT since departing the brand in 2015.

The NXT UK Superstars are clearly fans of Owens’ work, as he alluded to them often referencing him with their moves.

“By the way, a lot of the NXT UK guys are clearly inspired by me,” he joked. “Because every week it’s like, ‘Hey, shades of @FightOwensFight!’ And then there’s a powerbomb on the apron, this, or that.

“The UK ? all of Europe, really ? I had a really fun time there as an independent wrestler, and again touring with WWE. Any chance I would get to be there more and wrestle for those fans ? if or when we get an audience back, or even in this setting ? to be a part of that and help do good stuff over with NXT UK, I’d love that for sure.”