On last night’s ROH Final Battle, The Kingdom reunited as Mike Bennett and Matt Taven defeated Vincent and Bateman in a tag team match. Afterwards, Vita Vonstarr lowblowed both Bennett and Taven, which allowed Vincent to tie Taven up in the ropes. A block of wood was then brought out and Vincent put it between’s Bennett’s feet, whacking the side with a chair.

Earlier today, Bennett announced earlier today he has sustained a storyline hairline fracture that will keep him out about six weeks.

“I wanted to wait till later this week to address my ankle because I didn’t want it to take away from #FinalBattle,” Bennett wrote. “But I think it’s better to get it out there & move past it. I have a hairline fracture in my ankle. Recovery time is about 6 weeks. I’ll be back sooner.”

After being released from WWE due to business cuts from the COVID-19 pandemic, Bennett returned to ROH last month.

You can check out last night’s full results here.