Before the go-home episode of Friday Night SmackDown went off the air, Kevin Owens made it quite clear that nothing is going to stop him from becoming a two-time Universal Champion this Sunday at TLC.

Following that, the Special Counsel to the current Universal Champion, Paul Heyman, chose to take a few minutes on Talking Smack to address Owens’ comment and how he fears what’s to come for his client Roman Reigns on Sunday.

“You have an athlete, a fighter, a very capable man with lethal hands and lethal feet. His body is a weapon,” Heyman began. “He stands there and takes a beating after beating after beating after beating. Roman Reigns, the Universal Champion, is not just anybody. He’s ‘The Man’ in WWE. And Kevin Owens takes those beatings and says, ‘I will be the Universal Champion, and I’ll die trying.’ I keep telling everybody he’s not a masochist; he’s a martyr. He’s willing to die for a cause, all because he won’t give in to the human emotion of fear of Roman Reigns.

“I fear Kevin Owens because I fear what Kevin Owens is going to bring out of Roman Reigns. Let’s be clear: I fear Roman Reigns and with a great cause. It’s not because he has a short fuse, and he likes to get close to the flame, and he’s got that Samoan blood running through his veins. Roman Reigns is a very dangerous man. He is the champion, and he’s willing to make Kevin Owens pay whatever price and go through whatever suffering and sacrifice everything to fail him from replacing Roman Reigns from the head of the table.”

Heyman ended his rant by warning Owens if he doesn’t believe Reigns is intimidating now, wait till Sunday when the “Tribal Chief” puts “The Prizefighter” in the hospital bed if he so happens to survive the madness that is yet to ensue.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, ‘We have nothing to Fear but Fear Itself,’ Heyman stated. “I respectfully disagree with our 32nd president. We have Roman Reigns to fear. Kevin Owens, you better bet your sweet ass this Sunday at TLC if you make it out alive, you will learn in your hospital bed, by God, to fear Roman Reigns.”

After hearing what he needed to hear, Owens came out to confront Heyman for lying in front of the panel and the WWE Universe on how he fears him. He clarified that what Heyman really fears is the brutal lashings he’s willing to take to gain some sort of shot at becoming the new Universal Champion and taking away the terrorizing approach Reigns has built since his return.

“Paul, I know you always say nothing but the truth. But earlier on Talking Smack, you lied,” Owens stated before confronting Heyman for his comments earlier. “You don’t fear what Kevin Owens is going to bring out of Roman Reigns on Sunday; I know that. You’re scared because you’ve followed my career for a very long time, well before WWE. You’re scared because you’ve seen me put my body through things, and you’ve seen me endure things that nobody should when the stakes were nothing to what they are on Sunday. What you fear is the fact that you know what I said at the end of SmackDown is true. You know I’ll stop at nothing to get the Universal title back. Except for my wife, my kids and my parents, there’s nothing more than I’m willing to sacrifice to get that title back.

“Paul, I have a message for you. I know you love to play the innocent messenger, and that’s who you are. I’m going to humor you and say that’s true because I have a message I need you to bring back to Roman. I need you to make sure that Roman understands that come Sunday, your boy is in trouble. ‘Cause after tonight, as important as it is to win the title back, beating, beating Roman Reigns is even more important.”

You can watch Paul Heyman and Kevin Owens’ full interview on the WWE Network. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Talking Smack with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.