– Above is a clip of Bayley appearing on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions where she played “word association” with the host. During the back and forth Bayley said her “most fun” match was against Eva Marie when the two faced-off in NXT.

– In the video below, Kayla Braxton caught up with Apollo Crews after his loss to WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E on last night’s SmackDown.

“I thought I had that victory, but the ref said both of our shoulders were down, and in the case of a draw the champion keeps the title,” Crews said. “So, like you said, Apollo does not walk out the Intercontinental Champion, but that is okay because I’m going to hold my head high, and guess what? I’m coming back, I’m demanding a rematch, and next time, the outcome is going to be completely different. Next time, Apollo Crews will walk out the Intercontinental Champion.”

– As noted, Adam Pearce became the number one contender for WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The two are currently set to meet at the Royal Rumble on January 31. Pearce has since reacted on social media to his opportunity.

“Work hard. Treat people fairly. Earn respect. Here’s to one more day in the sun.”

Pearce hasn’t wrestled a match since his Ring of Honor days in 2014.