On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman was joined by “The Podfather” Conrad Thompson where they discussed Thompson’s current endeavor in AdFreeShows.com. He noted that Ad Free Shows came from fans who were tired of the amount of ads that are on nearly every podcast nowadays.

“We’ve heard from our fans for a while now, ‘Your shows have too many ads!’ Well, that’s in part due to our great partnership with Westwood One, and the success of the shows, but yes, we do have more ads than ever,” Thompson admitted. “So we acquiesced, and this year we created an ad-free version of all of our shows, but I decided, hey, it needs to be more than that.

“It needs to be more than just the same shows without commercials. So we started to add to it. We did some creative, interactive stuff, and then I thought well, let’s bring in some other personalities and names. And people seem to be digging it. So we’ll keep doing it.”

Thompson also revealed more podcasts on Ad Free Shoews on of which will be an ECW focused show. Hausman joked that Thompson could host a show with CM Punk, and Thompson noted that he not only has a lot of stories from the early days of ROH but also IWA Mid-South.

“Well, we’re going to continue to grow. We’re going to be announcing two new podcasts real real soon,” Thompson revealed. “One will be totally free and available for everyone on AdFreeShows.com and be exclusive there, and the other will be a traditional podcast like all my others, but there’s some pretty big names and pretty interesting. And actually, as we’re recording this, tomorrow, ‘This is Extreme’ will debut.

“It’ll be hosted by Josh Shernoff, and it’ll look back at ECW with guests Joel Gertner and Blue Meanie, and that’ll be a regular part of the rotation too. So something for everybody. If you’re into ladies wrestling, we got Madusa. If you’re into the referee side of things, we got [Mike] Chioda. If you like a little old school, we got [Gerald] Briscoe. Now, we got some ECW represented, but we’re not done. Two big announcements coming real real soon for AdFreeShows.com as far as recurring content on a weekly basis.

“Oh, man, is going to be you and CM Punk,” Hausman jokingly suggested. You two gonna be watching some classic ROH?

“How great would that be by the way,” Thompson agreed. “As fun as that would be, and it would be great, I think it would be even more fun to go back and watch IWA with him or some old Ian Rotten shows. You know he has some great stories from those.”

The topic of wrestling archives was discussed and that reminded Thompson of a shipment that is coming his way. He says he might be in possession of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ old radio shows that he hopes to give fans a chance to listen to.

“Speaking of archives, I just got confirmation, cross my fingers, but it was shipped yesterday, and on Tuesday, I’m supposed to have all of Jim Ross’ old radio shows from back in the day,” Thompson revealed. “We’re going to throw that up on Ad Free Shows. I think that’ll be fascinating to hear Jim on regular terrestrial radio talking old school wrestling. I think it’ll be fascinating, some of the guests [and] some of the conversations. Wrestling wasn’t as out there in terms of we were still trying to keep kayfabe and play it close to the vest. So it’ll be a fun listen.”

That led to Hausman talking about “The Quest for Lost WWE Treasures”, a show announced in early 2020 where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in search for WWE collectibles, and WWE has recently called for fans to show off their prized collections. Thompson revealed on the The Wrestling Inc. Daily, that the finale of the show will be filmed at his house.

“I think they’re shooting the finale at my house,” Thompson recalled. [Hausman notes that Thompson has a massive amount of collectibles] “Well, I don’t know about that. I used to have more [Ric] Flair robes than I do now, but I do think that Flair robes will be a part of it. But I assume they’ll want to shoot the big gold belt and things like that, but we’ve had several dates scheduled that have had to be rescheduled for various reasons. I still think the plan is, at some point soon, they’ll be here, and we’ll shoot some stuff, and it should be fun.

“I hope that it does really really well, and I hope that there’s multiple seasons. I hope the rumor and innuendo that we got maybe slipped accidentally by Ric Flair is true and we do get a physical Hall of Fame one day. That’d be a wrestling fan’s dream. [Hausman notes that Flair is never shy in revealing information] I don’t know that everybody’s always tickled with that, but it’s always great for us fans.”

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