Darren Young recalls Jon Moxley's reaction after giving him an edible

Darren Young aka Fred Rosser will always be known as the first WWE Superstar to publicly come out but his career shouldn't be defined by that. He's had a nearly 20-year career, was part of the iconic Nexus and has wrestled all over the world.


Well, almost all over the world. Rosser talked about the one place he hasn't performed that he would like to when he joined Table Talk w/DVon.

"My goal, ultimately, is to perform in Japan because any time with WWE, from 2009-2017, any tour that we were on when we did Japan, I was either on a different tour or not on tour at all. Personally, it's always been a bucket list of mine to actually perform in Japan," revealed Rosser who made his New Japan debut late in 2020 and has wrestled some of their California events.

"I'm going to do it. Once things get a little better and they take care of the stuff with the entertainment Visas and all of that craziness, I will ultimately go out to New Japan and perform. That is my goal.


"Some of the OG's like Tanahashi, Kenta, and Shibata. They're all rooting for me just as much as I'm a fan of these guys. They're a fan of me and they're rooting for me. I talked to them all individually and they all have the same story about the New Japan Pro Wrestling crowd really liking what I'm doing. It's such an honor because I never got that kind of honor, personally.

"To be able to have that honor means the world to me. So, I just got to keep that momentum going. Through this whole pandemic, I've been trying to stay in shape – very mindful of my mobility. I don't lift heavy anymore. For me, it's just kettlebell work, TRX, trying to strengthen my core. I stay ready so I don't have to get ready."

Rosser still keeps in touch with his fellow Nexus members and has wrestled Justin Gabriel in New Japan. He was asked who his favorite Nexus member was to work with and also asked why he started his recent podcast.

"Heath Slater. And I have my own podcast myself. I don't do it for the numbers. I do it because I do it with my real-life neighbor and it actually helps me become a better storyteller," Rosser said of his Pro and Bro Wrestling Podcast. "Just to talk more because I was always afraid of the mic. I wasn't comfortable with myself and I wasn't out publicly.


"Even with Titus, he would always dominate. He would always switch it up. So, it was tough for me to be myself with Titus. I still had fun and everything, but he was always the dominant one on the mic. Me, right now at 37, I feel comfortable with how I talk. I embrace how I talk, but that's why I do podcasts. I had Heath Slater, the first Nexus member on my podcast. Eventually, I want to have each member of The Nexus on my podcast, Pro and Bro Wrestling, but Heath was the first guy we had on.

"I was always close with Heath. I would get on him. I love him to death, but there would be times where we would drive together in the car and he would lose my lighter. I would want to literally murder him and eventually, we would find the lighter because I'm not afraid to admit it – they would call me the Medicine Man with WWE because I would always have the edibles, little treats for the guys when we were on tours. Me and Heath Slater, we go way back."

The Medicine Man would supply fellow WWE Superstars with whatever they needed and he recalled one time giving Jon Moxley an edible which left him more even more paranoid than before.

"Recently, I saw Jon Moxley and I brought up a story with him. One time, I gave him an edible overseas and he said he was pacing his hotel room back and forth. He didn't even go down to catering at the hotel because he was just so out of it," said Rosser. "I was cracking up laughing. I can't mention what show I recently saw him on, but I did see him. I brought that up, just cracking up.


"Yeah, they called me the Medicine Man, but no one ever knew, because again, I was the quiet guy in the locker room."

Since leaving WWE in 2017, Rosser hasn't signed to any promotion and has wrestled just a dozen or so matches with various indie promotions or with New Japan. He talked about why he's keeping his options open and why it shouldn't be a surprise if he popped back up in WWE.

"I'm not signed to any organization. Ultimately, I want to get signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling, but unfortunately, if WWE were to call me back... I left on good terms. I'm not grizzled or anything. I never talked bad about WWE because I don't have any bad experiences," stated Rosser.

"I do have some not so fun directions I should go with wrestling, but hey, I'm very happy with my experiences with WWE. You never know. WrestleMania, Tampa with some fans? The Nexus was actually supposed to come back last year, but the pandemic hit.

"Who knows? Maybe The Nexus can come back this year and beat up Retribution. Who knows?"

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