Deonna Purrazzo On Her Best Friend In WWE, Why She Waited Before Committing To Impact Wrestling

For five years Deonna Purrazzo worked the biggest of promotions but failed to win a championship. She worked for TNA, ROH and NXT, but never won a title before returning to Impact in 2020 where she is currently the Knockouts Champion.

With Impact, Purrazzo has also teamed a couple of times with Kimber Lee. This followed her being part of the VXT group alongside Chelsea Green and Rachael Evers in NXT. Purrazzo was asked if the lack of female factions and tag teams is a missed opportunity when she joined Love Wrestling.

"Yeah! I think women's wrestling is so strong right now, and there's a plethora of women who just want an opportunity. I think with the creation of the Women's Tag Team Championships ? and then Impact has so many Tag Team Championships right now ? I think bringing those titles back would be an amazing opportunity for us," said Purrazzo. "There's so many of us that have alliances and have partnerships with other people that it makes sense. If there was ever a time to do it, and there was ever a time to grow a tag division, now would be the time. There's so many women that can be brought in to just aid to any roster right now. I think capitalizing on that would be super cool for Impact, especially, but for any company."

Impact is bringing back their Knockouts Tag Team Championship and the new winners will be crowned at Hard To Kill on January 16. Purrazzo confirmed that she would want Kimber Lee as her tag partner if she were to chase those titles but was then asked who her BFF in wrestling is.

"Oh, Chelsea G might be! Chelsea [Green] is my best friend," said Purrazzo.

After being released by WWE in April, Purrazzo joined Impact a short time later and wasted no time making her mark. She won the Knockouts Title during the summer but she was only working a short-term contract with the promotion at the time. It wasn't until October where she announced she signed a long-term deal with Impact and Purrazzo explained why she waited a while before fully committing to Impact.

"I think that, for me, even before WWE and NXT, I was contracting with Ring of Honor. And then I left Ring of Honor and I went right to NXT, and there was no breathing room in between that. Now, I just think for me, it was I've signed two contracts and I wasn't ready for what came with those things," admitted Purrazzo. "I wasn't necessarily happy with both of those contracts and the way my time had panned out. So, let's take a step back and let's kind of take a breather and see what happens and see the way that creative sees me and the roles that I'm going to be put in and kind of feel this process out a little bit more now that I have some time. More than just personally, I mean, we're still in the midst of a global pandemic, and I think that it's not just a hesitation on my part. It's also a hesitation on theirs.

"'Where's our company stand? Where do we see this person? Are we going to invest in this person in the long term?' I don't know why it's maybe taken this long, but I think if I had to surmise why, it's just a mutual understanding of, 'Let's see and wait,' and then the world's crazy. So, let's see and wait (for) what 2021 brings us, you know?"