A scary scene unfolded during the Broken Rules Match at All out between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara. The two were atop a scissor lift when they fell through a table and Hardy’s head crashed against the concrete floor, knocking him unconscious. The match initially was stopped before later being resumed when it was deemed that Hardy was okay to continue.

Matt’s brother Jeff was watching All Out from home when he saw Matt’s scary fall. He recalled his reactions to the spot in an interview with Metro.

“Terrifying! When he tried to get up and then he fell down ? when you hit your head hard, that’s scary stuff? That was scary, man, with Matt ? flesh on concrete, it was scary when he couldn’t walk. Gosh, man ? thank God he’s OK, but that’s part of the game,” said Jeff.

The Hardys have built their careers off of these death-defying, thrill-seeking moves and spots and Jeff, himself, is no stranger to scary bumps. We’ve seen him dive off the tops of 20-foot ladders or the top of the Titantron and he had a recent match with Elias that was filled with rough-looking bumps.

In a Symphony of Destruction match in November, Hardy performed a Swanton Bomb on Elias as he was lying on a table outside the ring. The table was set up near the ring steps and it appeared that the back of Hardy’s head hit the steps when he hit the move. However, Hardy said he was okay after that but there was another move in the match that he’s still feeling to this day.

“Even in that Symphony of Destruction match with Elias, people thought my head was messed up from the stairs but it was easy, my head is fine,” Jeff said. “When I did the Whisper in the Wind and he hit me in the butt with the guitar, my back is still messed up from that.

“But that’s part of the job, you know ? you’re gonna get hurt.”