Tama Tonga Calls Out Kenny Omega And The Good Brothers For "Bullet Club" Reunion

Many wrestling fans were stoked to see a Bullet Club reunion with Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers throwing up the "Too Sweet" symbol on AEW Dynamite. The trio of Omega and The Good Brothers then took part in a six-man tag match at Impact Wrestling's Hard to Kill as part of the AEW-Impact partnership.

But one person who wasn't thrilled to see this reunion is founding Bullet Club member Tama Tonga. He called out Omega and The Good Brothers for being part of the "Bootleg Club" on his Tama's Island podcast.

"If I was Dave Meltzer, I would have given the shirt 5 stars and given Kenny Omega 2 stars because his tan was more orange than a damn pumpkin! Who taught you how to tan, bro? Damn! You need to stop using that maple syrup as tanning because that's not it, bro. That's not it," said Tonga.

"And let me tell you something, Karl Anderson, nice sweatshirt. I like it. I'll give you props cause you're an OG. But I'm gonna correct everybody that's been saying, 'Oh he's an OG.' Are y'all f***ing crazy? Are y'all f***ing out of your mind? You haven't been in the group for five f***ing years, bro! You've gone onto greener pastures and you don't have no say no more in Bullet Club. You know no longer claim Bullet Club. You were the OC. You were Bullet Proof. You were Bullet Brigade. You were the Bullet nobody cares. You were this. You were that. How many godd**n times are you gonna try, dog? It ain't gonna work. When you ain't got the heart and soul in it, it's just bulls***."

Anderson and Gallows departed the Bullet Club – and New Japan – in 2016 to join WWE and then Omega departed two years later to form AEW. Thus, the three didn't leave the stable on the best of terms as they were essentially kicked out by the remaining members.

Tonga says that the reunion would have been great if it had taken place back in Japan but since it didn't, the reunion made no sense for three people who were originally kicked out of the group.

"It would have been all gravy if they came back to Japan. There would have been a big ass reunion. I would have thrown a party. I would have gotten like 900 sponsors all over the place. We would have thrown out everything for these guys," stated Tonga.

"And you sold out to the one team that we kicked out? How are you gonna have a reunion with guys that got kicked out? What kind of sh** it that, bro? What kind of sh** is that? That's the dumbest, stupidest sh** I ever heard, bro. Y'all can't get any dumber than that but I expect that. I expected you guys to play that stupid card. C'mon, you can do better than that, Karl Smanderson and Luke Smallows. Come on man!"

After being released by WWE, The Good Brothers could have returned to New Japan where they were three-time IWGP Tag Team Champions. But they elected to join Impact Wrestling and that doesn't sit well with Tonga.

"Once a sellout, always a sellout. Never forget that," Tonga said of Gallows and Anderson. "They're always about that quick buck and whoring off, knowing the right time to pull the trigger. You guys are a bunch of, 'Click. Click. Click. Click... No BANG!' Nothing.

"The 'Too Sweet' heard around the world? F**k all that nonsense. That stupid-ass f***ery. That sh** is whack anyway. We done moved on. We done moved on."

After the Bullet Club Reunion on Dynamite, AEW has filed a trademark to the 'Too Sweet' phrase. Omega, Gallows and Anderson then teamed as "The Elite" on an episode of Dynamite and some fans have argued that the Elite is further promoting the Bullet Club brand.

Tonga argues against that notion and says the members of the Elite are only out for themselves and don't care about the Bullet Club.

"The only people they're advertising are themselves, not Bullet Club. And you all should have known that when they did the whole Elite thing," said Tonga. "'Oh, the Elite made Bullet Club more famous.' B***h, the Elite made the Elite more famous, not the Bullet Club. But that's how they were able to go on. They used Bullet Club to go on and do their other sh**. They used us as a platform and let's not forget that bulls***. Come on now! They used us, they used ROH. Who else did they use?

"I'm gonna tell you this – remember this – how you treat people on the way up is how they're gonna treat you on the way down. Don't forget that! Look at them struggling right now, man. Struggling so bad and so desperate, 'Oh, let's bring Bullet Club and all the ex-members.' What kind of dumb sh** is that? I've never seen anything so dumb before. Karl Anderson, I expected more man. But I guess I was wrong. I guess five years out there in New York really cluttered your brain."

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