On today’s episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with Michael Deimos and Teal Piper fresh off their engagement at an Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling show. Piper revealed on the podcast that the two met due to quarantine.

“Well, we’re probably one of the few people that got together because of quarantine, kind of,” Piper admitted. “We met at LA Fan Fest back in March 2020, and I was actually about to get my knee rebuilt. And he had just gone through a major neck surgery. We started chatting about wrestling and stuff like that, and then next thing we know, the plague hits. And we start hanging out every day and kind of quarantine together.”

Hausman noted the quick turnaround from dating to an engagement. Deimos simply replied, “When you know, you know,” and he discussed soon being part of the Piper family. “Do I feel the pressure? I think the pressure is on her. I just get to be a witness to it.”

Piper noted that it’s nice to be in a relationship with someone also in the wrestling industry. She talked about how they can work and train together and experience life together.

“I think entertainment, in general, is a tricky business to be in as a couple, but as far as pro wrestling goes, there’s been so many lows with the industry because of everything going on this year,” Piper noted. “I feel like we’re at the hardest time right now, and it’ll only get easier, but it’s nice to have someone you care about in the business that you get to work with and train with. I think a lot of couples, no matter what their job is, sometimes wish that they could work with their spouse and have that experience through life with them. So I think it’s exciting.”

Deimos and Piper said that they’ve been doing a lot of preparation together while in quarantine. The two are currently preparing for their first tag match together coming up next month at ARW.

“A lot of brainstorming and a lot of studying,” Deimos said. “A lot of match studying, training and just trying to improve what we’re doing together and get more in sync.”

“Developing House of Heathens,” Piper added. “My first actual tag team match will be on February 19 with ARW. It’s been a long time in the making. House of Heathens, ever since we got together and decided it, was something we wanted to do. It’s exciting.

“We walk through things we want to do entrance wise and move set wise, how to compliment each other styles, kind of helping her develop a style [and] me revamping mine,” Deimos described. “Just trying to figure out a way to most look in sync.”

Hausman asked Deimos how he was able to plan out this in-ring proposal at a wrestling show. Deimos noted that they have a close relationship with ARW and that they wanted to show their love and support after they had done the same for them.

“A lot of planning and trying to keep people’s mouth shut,” Deimos said. “I reached out to the promoter probably about, I’d say, three weeks to a month before the actual show and kind of threw the idea at him that I wanted to do it at his promotion because they treated us the best. Obviously, when you have a relationship in the sports entertainment industry, there’s going to be the people who support you and the people who don’t. And the people that support us are the ones that get all our love and appreciation. So we wanted to have it be on one of the places that supported us the most.”

When talking about their goals, they expressed their desire to stick together similar to Karrion Kross and Scarlett. They also talked about their ambitions for 2021.

“I mean our goal is to tackle the industry as team together and pursue this dream and passion we have together,” Deimos stated.

“I’m working every day to hone my wrestling skills and just become the best talent that I’m capable of being, and I’m very supportive,” Piper added. “It’s fun because we, like I said, do everything together. We train together. We gym together. We’re looking to do more of that and just get out there, do some indies and wrestle.”

Piper has made an appearance with AEW at All Out in the Casino Battle Royal, and she signed with Women of Wrestling shortly after. She talked about her future and noted that they are always keeping the doors open for any opportunity that comes their way. Hausman asked Piper about her status with each of those promotions.

“Well, I don’t know what goes on with WOW with COVID and everything, but I’m sure that they’re just on hiatus, like most programs are, and that they will return when the time is right,” Piper noted. “They’re taking COVID very seriously and are taking every precaution possible to keep the girls there healthy.

“So I’m sure they will come back, probably later 2021 if I had to guess when LA opens back up, but as far as everything else goes, of course, I’m keeping the door open. We both are. I think our main thing is right now, I’m developing my techniques better, and we just are enjoying doing House of Heathens as a tag team and getting out there doing that. So that’s kind of where our focus is and whatever opportunity happens happens, but we know what our goals are.”

Teal and Deimos will team for their first ever tag match together at Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling on February 19th. For more information please visit ARW on Twitter @WrestlingAtomic.

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