Joshi wrestler Sareee announced she’s heading to the States once finishing up a final wrestling commitment in Japan at a SEAdLINNG event on January 22.

Sareee signed with WWE back in February, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to her traveling to the U.S. to begin her training at the Performance Center.

Last March, she commented on having to wait on working in WWE.

“WWE is handling my schedule to the move to the States. Their initial plan was for me to be training over there already, but [looking] at the circumstances around the world, maybe it’s best when the vaccine is developed rather than re-debuting with worries,” Sareee said. “I want to show my solid wrestling live without any anxieties. It’s hard to everyone, but I think this is the time to be one as the WWE Universe and stay strong and firm. It’s a ‘safety wrestling,’ and from Japan, I will put my full effort to do what I can.”