Last month, Diana star Sareee confirmed at she is signing with WWE. Triple H was seen months before scouting Sareee in Tokyo with rumors that WWE was interested in signing her.

On the first episode of her new series, “Sareee’s Open 24hrs Heart”, she talked about WWE’s move to move WrestleMania to the Performance Center.

“WWE announced [the move] to make the world’s biggest event to a non-audience [event], that really shows President Vince [McMahon is] really caring and putting the safety first for the fans, staff and U.S. wrestlers,” Sareee said. “I respect his decision making and admire his determination. I’m still in Japan but feel well protected.”

Sareee answered a question regarding her potential move to the U.S. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting travel, she explains that plans have changed and her move will be delayed until the spread of the coronavirus can be slowed down.

“WWE is handling my schedule to the move to the States. Their initial plan was for me to be training over there already, but [looking] at the circumstances around the world, maybe it’s best when the vaccine is developed rather than re-debuting with worries,” Sareee said. “I want to show my solid wrestling live without any anxieties. It’s hard to everyone, but I think this is the time to be one as the WWE Universe and stay strong and firm. It’s a ‘safety wrestling,’ and from Japan, I will put my full effort to do what I can.”

Sareee talked about her name and how she got it from Joshi legend Kyoko Inoue. She also talked about if there is a possibility of a name change when she comes to WWE, and she used Kairi Sane as an example of how her name could be modified.

“My real first name is Sari. When I debuted in Japan, Kyoko Inoue liked the band named Greeeen, so she mixed the idea of Sareee with three E’s. I’m thinking now, I’d like to [wrestle] in the states using my real name Sari,” Sareee said. “For example, Kairi’s name, Kairi Sane, has so much impact, and I think that’s a terrific name. I’ll be joining the WWE family, so I’m sure Triple H will give me a new wonderful last name.”

A move to the U.S. will naturally bring about an adjustment for Sareee. She talked if she has any worries about the language and cultural difference between Japan and the U.S. as well as things she’s looking forward to when she does move to the U.S.

“You [have] to reside there to truly understand the culture and rules, so I’m not worrying about it now. Well, I’ll be there to find out. Regarding English, I’m not that worried. I’m used to communicating with foreign people,” Sareee said. “There were times when I lived with six foreigners in the Diana Dojo, so my listening abilities are probably developed. I’m so eager to fly there (WWE Performance Center). I’m guessing it’ll be like a specialty university. Having many coaches and practicing with many athletes for 24 hours sounds like heaven to me. I’m super excited.”

Inoue is one of the people that helped train Sareee making her ingrained in the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling style. She talked about wanting to carry over that style in WWE as the last pure successor of Zenjo (AJW). She also said that she would also want to integrate the WWE style as well jokingly saying that she would evolve like a Pokemon as a wrestler.

“Obviously, I’d like to carry over my current fighting style. I’ve learned so much from my Zenjo masters. It’s the Zenjo-ism. I believe I’m the last pure successor of Zenjo, so I’d want to show that spirit to the world,” Sareee said. “At the same time, in WWE, I want to eat and drink WWE to absorb everything and evolve like a Pokemon.”

Sareee addressed concerns that her current level of performance will not be the same if she moves to WWE. She said that wrestling is always the same but sometimes you may have to make small adjustments here and there. She’s taking this move as a challenge for herself and states that her goal is make Japanese Joshi pro wrestling famous around the world and to become the best Joshi pro wrestler.

“One thing I want fans to realize is that there is only one ring, and all rings are connected. If the organization and environment change, then it’s normal that the rules and regulations change, but it’s up to the individual to be borderless or isolate yourself,” Sareee said. “Well, vice versa. It can be turned into a chance to do something more. That’s my personal challenge, and my point is to make Japanese Joshi pro wrestling famous worldwide. And I’ve got strong feelings for it to be recognized by many people. Definitely, I will become the world’s number on Joshi pro wrestler.”

Finally, Sareee talked about the personal changes in her life after signing with WWE. She talks about the pressure that is on her with the hype and expectations from fans and the preparation she has been doing in anticipation for her WWE debut. She also talked about not wanting to let down the fans who have supported her throughout her career.

“I feel my name getting picked up more these days. I haven’t debuted in WWE yet, so I can’t say much, but [all] the hype and expectation, there’s a good pressure for me. [I] have to be prepared for the in-ring action call anytime, so I [have] to constantly put firm and steady efforts, and build my fundamental strengthen,” Sareee said. “Once I stand in the (WWE) ring, I want to explode massively. Another side is for the fans who have supported me. I’m filled with feelings to not let them down.”