In a new video clip shared by Amanda Huber, Brodie Lee Jr. can be seen training with WWE SmackDown Superstars Liv Morgan and Natalya, and WWE producer Tyson Kidd. Davey Boy Smith Jr., the former tag partner of Kidd, can also be spotted in the video.

Amanda, the wife of late pro wrestler Brodie Lee, took to Instagram and revealed that she and her son visited Natalya and Kidd on Tuesday night.

“Tonight was pretty cool. We got to go visit @tjwilson711 & @natbynature and let Brodie work in the ring. @yaonlylivvonce is a gem for working around the ring with him and letting him learn,” wrote Amanda.

Amanda also pointed to Brodie Lee Jr. cutting promo on AEW Dark which ended up making the show.

“He also cut promos on @allelitewrestling #aewdark which I didn’t know was going to end up making the show,” wrote Amanda. “I thought AEW was just letting him have some fun after a really really tough night. Having them air it was incredible and I wish you guys could have seen his smile when we watched it. I told him what @tonyrkhan said about his promo and he was BEAMING.”

Through her post, Amanda also provided clarity on the contract signed by Brodie Lee Jr. to become an in-ring talent for AEW when he grows older.

“His contract with AEW is valid on his 18th birthday *if* he chooses to wrestle. Nobody is going to push it with him,” revealed Amanda.

See below to read Amanda’s full post:

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