Amber Nova has spent time with various indie promotions including SHINE, EVOLVE and RISE. But she also had a couple of stints with national promotions including Impact Wrestling from 2017-18 and NXT from 2018-19.

Nova was used more as of an enhancement talent in both places but she talked about her experience with Impact in an interview with Danial Ali From The DropKick Podcast.

“Wow! Impact was my first TV debut. Gail Kim was my agent; she was amazing and still is amazing. They kept bringing me back and they said some nice things about me on their website. Just that Amber Nova is new and she can obviously hang in the ring with these girls, so we keep bringing her back and she’s getting experience,” said Nova.

“My first match was with Allie who is now with AEW. I’ve wrestled with a few other girls, Sienna, Taya Valkyrie. That was a freaking amazing match with her! The outcome wasn’t what I was hoping but, you know what could you expect with a veteran like her?”

From there Nova then had a pair of matches in NXT – one singles and one tag team match. These were on NXT tapings and before the brand premiered on USA, but Nova speaks fondly on that experience.

“Same thing with NXT when I went there. The whole production, it’s so amazing. Everybody there, Triple H, the people care about their talent and they invest so much,” stated Nova. “My first match was against Nikki Cross and she’s one crazy bat but it was freaking awesome! I also got an opportunity to tag team with Rebel [Tanea Brooks] who is now with AEW vs. two of the top women from Japan you know are Io Shirai and Kairi Sane. That experience, both of my experiences so far have been great.”

Nova wrestled her first NXT match in July 2018 and then had her second six months later in January 2019. She was pleasantly surprised that the familial atmosphere backstage and talked about her interactions with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

“I got a father vibe from [Triple H]. That’s one of my first impressions of meeting Triple H. I got a very calm, you know, I can tell by people’s energy, I really believe in that. I got a really fatherly energy type where he cares about his employees and I just got a good vibe like that from him,” recalled Nova.

“Same with Stephanie McMahon when I have been able to speak with her and talk to her. She remembered my face walking by like sometimes you think, ‘Oh, they’re just gonna walk by and not remember me or they’re busy, don’t worry about it.’ She stopped dead in her tracks and said hello to me when I was there again because a lot of people are backstage and you don’t always know what’s going on. Both of them are just amazing people; they are a very family-oriented vibe. They care about people, they care about the fans, they care about their talent.”

The last promotion Nova appeared in was SHINE as she came up short in an ACW Women’s Title match in January. With her past experience in various promotions and many potential options in front of her, Nova was asked if there was one particular company she would prefer to sign with.

“I don’t feel like my options are so limited, maybe like they used to be. I’m very open minded. I wouldn’t just say one company, I mean growing up as a kid it’s always been WWE. That’s been the main goal but, if it doesn’t happen or if there’s another offer on the table which I’ve been trying to talk with other people here and there. So, I’m open minded but obviously I don’t know,” said Nova.

“I’m keeping an eye on the women’s division in AEW. They’ve been doing a lot of stuff.”