Danhausen Reveals Which ROH Title He Is After, PURE Wrestler He Wants Match With

The very nice, very evil ROH star Danhausen made his return to The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast recently where he and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman discussed Danhausen's recent run with ROH after he signed on Halloween of last year. Before his signing, Danhausen was on the podcast where he said he was "knocking at the door" with ROH, and he explained how his negotiation with ROH went.


"Well, Danhausen laid down the business if you will. He smacked the table," Danhausen described. "He said, give Danhausen lots of money, a PT Cruiser, brand new, just like all the other celebrities. Dwayne [Johnson] probably has one. Rock 'The Dwayne' Johnson, if you will, has probably two PT Cruisers. He said, give Danhausen his blimp, which still has not been done.

"It's roomy (a blimp). It's large. You can put the message on the side of it that says, 'Love That Danhausen'. It's quite wonderful. It just has more space than a regular airplane. It (his ROH contract) had the little clause in it that Danhausen must win his match or a match before the end of the year because of course, Dave Honor must put a damper on Danhausen's day for whatever reason it may be. To make it more difficult than saying, here's your contract. You're going to make us millions."


Danhausen is set to face Brian Johnson in a rematch from Final Battle that will be featured on ROH's YouTube channel. Danhausen noted that while "JohnStone" was able to negotiate the rematch, he has yet to receive his blimp.

"Yes, the YouTube channel, which is wonderful because everyone can go to YouTube. There's probably thousands of people who use this website," Danhausen noted. "So they can go and type in 'Google YouTube' if you do not know what it is. Type in 'Ring of Honor' and then Danhausen will be there Wednesday night at some sort of time.

"Danhausen's already a made human. He's (Johnson) just walking around constantly, screaming into the void, yelling at the internet [and] yelling at the fanhausens. He said some not so nice things about you. You should probably root against him. Tell him up yours. Anyways, this fellow will not shut his mouth.

"So he keeps bothering Dave Honor, and he's emailing people at the higher ups or whatever they're called. Who knows? Who cares? And he's saying, I want a rematch. I demand a rematch because I'm a loser and then they gave it to him because apparently he gets whatever he wants, but Danhausen says, 'where's my blimp?' and gets nothing."

Now that Danhausen is now signed with ROH, Hausman asked Danhausen what is goals are. He expressed his desire to go after the TV Title or the Tag Team Titles with his WarHausen tag partner, Warhorse.


"The Television Title would be quite nice because Danhausen is already the uncrowned king of television and the internet," Danhausen pointed out. "They don't have one of those. Matt Cardona does. There's more people on the internet than there are who have cable. This is probably true. I don't know. Danhausen is not a scientist. That's a Danhausen fact.

"They should pay some royalties to Matt Cardona if they do this Internet Championship. Danhausen will make sure of it, but yes, Danhausen's goal will probably be to do that. He would like to face Jonathan Gresham whether it be in a tag team match, perhaps they bring in Warhorse for something for Choose Your Honor. Who knows? Maybe we could challenge them. Maybe Danhausen's not supposed to say things like this on the internet, and he's doing it anyways because UP YOURS DAVE HONOR. Who cares?"

Hausman later noted that Danhausen would seemingly get along with fellow ROH stars PCO and Destro. However, Danhausen admitted that he is afraid of Destro, and he expressed no desire to fight PCO.

"Danhausen is afraid of Destro. Destro electrocutes people, but yes, PCO would be quite nice," Danhausen said. "We come from the same area currently, so perhaps we could get together do brunch when it's safe, talk seems business. Who knows, maybe we'll do a team. Danhausen doesn't want to fight PCO. He's quite large, probably could demolish Danhausen if Danhausen turned his back for one second."


Danhausen can now be seen every week as part of ROH TV. For more information please visit ROHWrestling.com.

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