Jon Moxley Wants WWE Legend In AEW, Says AEW Can Offer More “Creative Freedom”

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley would love nothing more than to see WWE legend Christian take his talents to AEW.

In a recent interview with Gary Cassidy of Inside The Ropes, Moxley said Christian "looked frigging good" during his comeback in the Royal Rumble match last month and would be a great addition to the AEW roster.


"I'll tell you, a guy I'd like to see here is Christian," said Moxley. "I don't know if that was a one-off for him in the Royal Rumble but he looked frigging good to me, looked like he was in great shape, he looked sharp, man."

"I tell you, he's one of the guys that's – the wrestlers know it more so than anybody – Christian is so good. Like, his brain and his execution, and his mind for wrestling is just like next-level."

Moxley went onto explain why Christian would thrive in AEW due to the creative freedom.

"The things that he could do with the wrestlers in AEW and all the creative freedom, but, you know, taking things but there's no hindrance on anything creatively here, obviously, we're having a frigging Exploding Death Match, so the things Christian could do at AEW, I would be extremely excited to see that," admitted Moxley.


"That would be my number one dream guy."

Moxley revealed that his respect for Christian grew when "Captain Charisma" returned to feud with The Shield back in 2014. Christian teamed up with the likes of Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and Rob Van Dam in various six-man tag team matches against The Shield.

As noted, Edge recently made it known that he wished to reunite with Christian for another run in the WWE. In his response, Christian said on The Bump that he would love the same.