Nick Aldis Recalls Hearing Some AEW Stars Had An ‘Attitude About Them’

In early December AEW and Impact announced a partnership that features cross promotion between both companies. Impact stars such as The Good Brothers have appeared on Dynamite while AEW stars such as Kenny Omega have appeared on Impact programming.


Sammy Guevara was one of those AEW talents who was set to appear on Impact recently but did not due to creative issues in terms of what types of matches he would be used in. That's one of the unseen fallouts of two companies working together, as what happens when a talent at one promotion doesn't want to abide by the creative of the other promotion?

Nick Aldis had a lengthy run in TNA/Impact and is still close with lots of the people involved with the promotion. He discussed what he heard from them regarding the attitudes of some of the AEW guys who were in Nashville when Impact was taping.

"I have friends in virtually every major company in the business and we live not far from Nashville. So, often when the guys come to tape Impact, some of them come to the house and we go hang out or whatever. So, I've got a few very good buddies who work there and the word was that some of the AEW guys who had been showing up there had a little bit of an attitude about them," revealed Aldis on the Keepin' It 100 podcast.


"That was the overall word... It's interesting because it correlates. I'm only bringing that up because it kinda tracks what I'm hearing about this thing – perhaps a little too big for their britches."

Aldis mentioned that Guevara did work NWA's 70th Anniversary Show before co-host Disco Inferno then said Guevara is risking a spot with one of the two major North American pro wrestling promotions with his attitude.

"Take it from a guy who got signed very young, didn't know what he was doing, was able to move up the ladder both monetarily and with his spot on the card. And I made a lot of mistakes and enemies too and I'm still paying for it now. But it wasn't that I didn't know any better," said Aldis.

"The difference is you have to have the self-awareness to look back at it and go, 'Oof! I can't believe I thought that or said that.' For the most part, I've owned it. I was a dumb kid who didn't know what I was doing. I was green and I had an attitude and I thought I was indestructible."

As for Disco Inferno's comment about WWE and AEW being the only two companies to work for to earn a great living as a wrestler, Aldis disagreed.

"I get this a lot, 'Why didn't you go to AEW? Why didn't you go to NXT?' Because I have a good gig now and I'm making good money. You don't walk away from the table when it's paying out," said Aldis.


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