On a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone sat down with Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero had done commentary on Dark, but she debuted as Nyla Rose’s manager at Fight for the Fallen with her own theme music. She talked about what it was like for her as a manager to get her own theme and TitanTron.

“Let me just say that as long as I’ve been in this business as a Superstar, no one has ever entertained idea of me having my own tron or music, and for AEW to be so welcoming and for Tony to say, ‘Hey we’re gonna get you some theme music,’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, okay,’ because you don’t think about it,” Guerrero noted. “You don’t believe it until it’s actually done because this is the business we’re in, but when I heard some music come on when I was getting ready to go, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, they were serious.’ I was so nervous about going out there and doing good for Nyla.

“All the fans are like, ‘Hey, we love your music.’ I haven’t even heard it yet, but then when I got to a locker room, I was twerking. I was like, ‘Oh, yeah! We got this’ but just being at AEW, they’ve done things for me that no one’s ever done before, and I just feel like I’m this little girl in a candy store. So I’m just really blessed and grateful.”

Guerrero then reflected on her early appearances with AEW. She stated that AEW helped give her hope to be part of the wrestling industry again after leaving WWE.

“I think just being a part of those appearances was giving me some hope and excitement to be part of the wrestling industry again, because I was very disheartened when I left WWE in 2014,” Guerrero admitted. “So to be able to see this other product that was doing great things and the roster was so amazing. Meeting Tony Khan and having these few appearances, I just prayed every day because I was like, ‘This is where I want to be.’ The environment and the positivity and they’re laughing backstage and freaking Tony Khan answers my call.

“I mean, who’s ever heard of that ever happening with someone with such a busy schedule and handling everything. He’s calling, ‘Hey Vickie, what’s up?’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you called back?’ It’s been a ride, and when Tony Khan finally said, ‘We’re going to sign you. You’re going to be Nyla’s manager.’ I take each day, and I just give 100% because I’m loving it. I’m riding through the clouds, and I have a big smile on my face every day.”

Guerrero later noted how active Tony Khan is in AEW and how he doesn’t sit in his office all day. She also noted that she gets a lot more creative freedom in AEW to say what she wants without having to memorize a script.

“Tony’s not so much he sits in his office, and he’s not personable, you can’t see him for the whole day,” Guerrero said. “Tony’s walking back and forth from the stage to backstage, and he’s part of these pre-tapes, and he’s part of what’s going on with the different segments and that just shows that he cares. He’s not sending 10 or 20 guys out there to give their opinion. They come back and let him know.

“He’s there saying, ‘I like it. I don’t. Let’s do it again.’ He’s productive, and he really cares about the product. So to see him invest his time because he really doesn’t have to. He has many other things to do, but to see that he’s part of the the segments and the verbiage, he’ll tell me, ‘What are you gonna say tonight? Just run it by me real quick’ and I tell him. He’s like, ‘Okay.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, you like it?’ Yeah, it’s great.

“I kind of second guess myself because where I came from, scripts and if you forgot a word or sentence, you were reprimanded for an hour backstage. Here, Tony’s like, ‘Be Vickie Guerrero, and do your script and do how you want. What do you feel out there?’ And I was like, ‘Well, how long do I go?’ And he tells me, and he’s like ‘Can you do it?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, sir.’ And he comes back and goes, ‘That’s great! Thanks!’ And I was just like, ‘Wow, such a breath of fresh air in so many ways.'”

Guerrero was part of many segments in WWE where she was made fun of and degraded. A fan asked if those kinds of segments hurt her personally.

“No, I know this is a business, and it’s a character I play,” Guerrero pointed out. “That’s why I think I’m so funny backstage because I was so stressed out on the ring during that time, but it’s a business, and I love the character that I am. A lot of it was something that I wanted to do. They never force me to do things. I have a thick skin, and you to be a thick skinned in this business anyway. As I laughed to the bank, I was having a good time.”

Another fan asked her if she had her own stable in AEW, who would be in it. Guerrero listed off many names from the men’s and women’s divisions.

“I would love to have a Wardlow. I think he’d be a lot of fun in my stable,” Guerrero stated. “Hey, my mind is always going. It’s working all the time. I’d like to break up The Inner Circle because you kind of see a lot of animosity going on with them. I’m thinking this is a good time to step in. So I would love to have Wardlow and [Sammy] Guevara come with me. I was thinking about Ricky Starks or Will Hobbs. I would love to have them come in.

“And as far as the women, I love Ivelisse and Diamante, and I love Abadon. And the truth is, as the ‘Queen of Mean’, I want people that I’m scared s**tless about to come on my side. Keep my enemies closer. But I love Abadon. I love her character. I think that to have a little creepiness in my stable would really be a lot of fun.”

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