Adam Cole Says Winner Of Finn Balor Match Determines “Greatest Champion In NXT History”

Adam Cole sat down with Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN to talk about his NXT title match against Finn Balor tonight on NXT. For Cole, the match will determine whether he or Balor is the greatest NXT Champion ever.

"I do think it least determines the trajectory of where it's going for who is the greatest NXT champion of all time," said Cole. "In my opinion, that is what's on the line here. Again, you can't get any more big-time than this match on Wednesday."

Cole also touched on how the match helped influence his decision to betray his friends in the Undisputed Era.

"I decided I wanted to kick Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong out of The Undisputed Era because I want my NXT Championship back," Cole declared. "I see many people argue I'm the greatest NXT Champion. I see some still argue Finn Balor is the greatest NXT Champion.

"There's a lot on the line here. In my opinion whoever wins, whoever walks out as the NXT Champion, is the greatest champion in NXT history."

Cole will challenge Finn Balor for the NXT Championship on tonight's episode of WWE NXT. Wrestling Inc. will have live coverage of the show.