This week on Impact Wrestling, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and the Executive Vice President of Impact Don Callis made their return to the Impact Zone to confront the Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann ahead of their main event matchup at Rebellion.

Callis began the segment by reciting to Omega the words he exchanged with Swann last week, where he told Swann that while he was “a once in a decade talent”, “Kenny Omega is once in a millennium talent.” The AEW World Champion couldn’t agree more with what “The Invisible Hand” stated. But this didn’t stop Callis from flooding the World Champion with more compliments this week.

For starters, Callis ran down past and present main eventers and World Champions. In his eyes, none of them could hold a candle to the accomplishments Omega has had in his career.

“I think you need more gold,” Callis mentioned to Omega. “[He’s] bigger than [George] Hackenschmidt, Bigger than [Frank] Gotch. Bigger than [Lou] Thesz. Bigger than [Ric] Flair. Bigger than [Hulk] Hogan. Bigger than [Jon] Moxley. [And] Bigger than [Kota] Ibushi. I could keep on going, but we’ll run out of air time!”

Callis went on to say that as Omega’s right-hand man, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Omega on top of the title mountain.

“Let me tell you something I’m prepared to do…I’m prepared to do what it takes to ensure the legacy in the greatness of this man,” Callis concluded. “I want the competition. We want the best here. Rich Swann wants the best, and I’m prepared to suck every drop of blood, every resource, every talent here to suck all of the blood out of this company if it helps Kenny ‘By God’ Omega.”

Before Omega ended his promo, he made it perfectly clear that it will have to take the Grim Reaper itself to dethrone him from his AAA Mega Championship and AEW World Championship.

“You see, Rich Swann, I’m not sure what you’ve accomplished in your perception of pro wrestling. It doesn’t matter. I don’t remember any of it,” Omega said wickedly. “Until I slip on a banana peel or I come down with perhaps some deadly strain of virus, no one is prying those titles from off of me unless I’m cold and dead in the ground. Consider this your day of grace. I don’t care what it takes; I’m taking those titles with me.”

After their verbal onslaught, the Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann replied to Omega and Callis’ statement from earlier.

“You think a little bit of jive talk is really going to get in my mind and fluster it?” Rich Swann asked with a laugh. “Do you think showing a highlight video of me taking a One-Winged Angel from several different positions is going to have my mind flustered? You think that is going to work? I don’t think y’all know me then!

“You see, I had to battle adversity my whole entire life. Kenny, Don, broken legs, broken backs and early retirement just to get to this [holds up his Impact World Championship]. Do you think a little bit of mind games is really going to throw me off to the real focus of being the top dog in this promotion? It seems simple to me: What I need to look out for is that One-Winged Angel. I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve to defend that. My question is: What are you going to do for every single situation that I was the better man where I got the best of ya? The ball is in your court, baby. I just know at Rebellion, I’m ready to go all night long.”

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