Alundra Blayze joined WWE’s The Bump this morning in honor of Women’s History Month. The conversation eventually turned to her longtime rivalry with joshi legend and former WWE and WCW star Bull Nakano.

“When I first started wrestling I was putting myself through school to be a nurse,” Blayze said. “So as I furthered and I did my due diligence. And I said ‘if I’m going to be a legit women’s wrestler, I have to take it to the next level.’ So I studied Japanese wrestling and I saw these women and I said ‘oh my gosh.’ And I said ‘if I’m going to change women’s wrestling, I need to go to Japan.’

“There I met Bull Nakano. We started a rivalry and she was very new back then too. So her and I had amazing matches and her and I were able to do matches without even speaking to each other. That’s how beautiful of a dance that was. I owe so much to her. She’s incredible. That woman is incredible. And I would love to see her as a future WWE Hall of Famer. I will be there crying my eyes out.”

Blayze was also asked about her dream WWE opponent on the current roster. Blayze, who has inquired about having a retirement match in WWE, had one name in mind.

“I think Charlotte and I would have the best match,” said Blayze. “I know Nattie (Neidhart) would take care of me in the ring. But I believe Charlotte would as well. She’d make me look amazing. And I think with our height and our looks…I don’t know if we look alike but our styles would mesh very well.”

Finally Blayze was asked about Molly Holly being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. Blayze was thrilled Holly, who she once worked with as a member of Team Madness in WCW.

“I always said to her that she was the last of my era,” said Blayze. “We got to wrestle together when she was coming up and I was going out. And I always had the upmost respect for her because she could wrestle.

“I just thought the world of her. Congratulations Molly. You deserve it. You’ve helped so many women and so many women, as myself, respect you. Congratulations! I’m very proud of you.

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