Cesaro Reveals Which WrestleMania 37 Match He Wants

Cesaro recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and said he wants to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 37 this year.

Rollins recently returned to SmackDown action and has been feuding with Cesaro since then. Cesaro praised Rollins and said he's always pushing for talent to get better.

"The universal title match is currently spoken for, but this will start the road to next year's WrestleMania for me," Cesaro said. "I want a singles match this 'Mania, and I would love for it to be against Seth Rollins."

He added, "Seth is a tremendous talent, and he is so extremely versatile. Good guy, bad guy, he always finds a way to evolve, and he's super smooth in the ring. He's always pushing us to get better, and I think he incredible at what he does."

Cesaro has often proved that mic work is more of a help than a hindrance, when he's been allowed to speak freely, like he did after the 2016 Draft and on Talking Smack in mid-February. Cesaro said he's been working on this missing piece for a long time.

"I haven't spoken that much, but the more I talk, the more people will understand me," Cesaro said. "That is a missing piece I've been working on for a long time. But actions still speak longer than words. That Talking Smack promo meant so much because I've been putting in the work for the past nine years. So as this finally comes together, I'm going to enjoy the journey. When the day comes when I am champion, it will mean even so much more."

It was recently reported by the Wrestling Observer that Cesaro had signed or verbally agreed to a new WWE contract. Cesaro would not confirm or deny the new contract, noting that there needs to be a certain amount of mystery in pro wrestling.

"I'm not going to confirm or deny anything," he said. "To me, there needs to be a certain amount of mystery in wrestling. A lot of that magic gets lost, so I'll let people talk. What is important to me is my work in the ring."