Charlotte Opens Up About Storyline With Ric Flair And Lacey Evans

On a recent episode of Notsam Wrestling, Sam Roberts spoke with 12-time Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Charlotte opened up about her storyline with her father Ric and Lacey Evans that seemingly ended when Evans announced her pregnancy.

"It's definitely not where I thought my 2021 was going to be, but I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on [last week's] promo segment. I love the fact that people are throwing around the word 'shoot' because that meant it touched home to some people," Charlotte noted. "Where it goes I don't know. Obviously, there's going to be a different direction now because my step-mom (Evans) can't wrestle me (Charlotte laughs)."

Ric Flair and Lacey Evans have not been present on TV since Evans' announcement. Charlotte admitted that the storyline "took a different twist" than she expected.

"It took a different twist, and I'll be interested to see where it goes," Charlotte said.

Charlotte then opened up about how the storyline progressed. She noted her dynamic with her father and how that has grown over the years, and she talked about how the storyline has helped her character.

"I definitely thought him and Lacey worked well together," Charlotte admitted. "I understood it. I got it. I'm the daughter of 'the dirtiest player in the game'. Why couldn't I be 'the dirtiest player in the game'? How or why would I fall for his antics if I've already been on camera with him and he was my manager, and that was tremendous. I grew as a performer.

"It took me to the next level. 'Why am I not the dirtiest player in the game?' I was basically throwing a fit. I can't fall for these things. It doesn't make sense, but I think whatever emotions were coming through on-screen, whether it be frustrated or angry or the promo on Monday, I think it definitely brought out a different side of me the last couple of weeks, so I think that did what it was supposed to."

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