On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, New York indie wrestling star “Red Death” Daniel Garcia came to discuss his upcoming match against WWE-bound Christian Casanova for the Limitless Wrestling Championship on March 19th. Hausman asked Garcia about his history with Limitless Wrestling.

“I believe I had my first match for them maybe back in 2018. Kevin Blackwood, my training partner, he was booked on one of the shows, and I would go and ride with him before I was booked on the shows,” Garcia recalled. “I would just go and tag along, try to show face. That’s how it is in indie wrestling, and thankfully, I showed enough face. And Randy Carver, the promoter, he gave me an opportunity.

“I believe I was in a scramble match with a bunch of guys from Ohio, Sami Callihan, Ace Austin, Matt Cross, Jessicka Havok and I think Mick Moretti from Australia. I was in the scramble match with them, and it went well. I lost, but it went well. After that, I was put into a tag team with my trainer, Brandon Thurston. And we were up against John Silver and Jay Freddie. After that, I had an injury. I was out for five months, and I came back.

“And I really started to build momentum. I started to face people like Fred Yehi, Kris Statlander and Ashley Vox, staples in independent wrestling. That’s kind of how I ended up growing my brand in that one promotion, and that promotion, it’s one of the hottest independent promotions right now. They have a lot of eyes on them, and whenever you wrestle for them, it’s a really big opportunity to get some eyes on you.”

Limitless Wrestling introduced their championship in 2019. All three of their champions, MJF, Anthony Greene and Casanova have gone on to be signed by AEW or WWE. Greene vacated the title when he signed with WWE, and Garcia noted the traditions of pro wrestling in anticipation of his title challenge.

“It’s not done yet. It feels great, but I have to win the title,” Garcia expressed. “Christian, I know he’s going to be going to WWE. It’s no secret, but Anthony Greene, he left with the title. He just vacated it, and Christian plans on doing the same. And I’m a big fan of tradition in pro wrestling. Tradition is you do not leave unless you lose the title. You go out on your back, and I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that tradition stays and he goes on his back and I end up Limitless Champion.”

Casanova has been introduced as part of NXT’s largest class ever but has yet to make a TV appearance. Hausman asked Garcia what fans can expect from Casanova in WWE.

Christian’s an extremely close friend of mine. One of my closest friends in wrestling,” Garcia stated. “He is everything that a professional wrestler should be. He’s in fantastic shape. He can talk. He’s athletic. He has the ‘It Factor’. He has everything. He reminds me of  Eddie Guerrero kind of. He’s one of my favorite wrestlers to watch, Christian Casanova. He is going to make so much money and be so successful given the right opportunities in WWE.”

Hausman also asked Garcia what fans can expect from his title challenge against Casanova. Casanova won the title in December of last year in a four-way elimination match in the Vactionland Cup that Garcia was also in the finals of.

“Whatever works. It’s going to be whatever works,” Garcia said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to take the title from him. I love Christian, but I don’t care if I have to really hurt him to take the title. I’m going to make sure that tradition stands the test of time, and I walk out of the building with the Limitless Championship and he goes to WWE without it.”

Many independent wrestling promotions have scheduled shows for WrestleMania weekend. Garcia is scheduled to wrestle in eight shows over the course of three days, and he talked about his mindset for his packed weekend.

“A lot of people are in wrestling for money, and for opportunity, and for contracts and I think that’s good. I feel like whatever your goals are, you should chase after them,” Garcia expressed. “If you want to make the money, go make the money. If you want to sign, go sign. I’m in professional wrestling to create my legacy and to go down as the greatest wrestler of all time.

WrestleMania (weekend) I believe that’s my platform to show that I’m the one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. I have eight shows in three days, and I’ll have the match of the night on every single card that I’m on no matter how tired I am, no matter how sore I am. I’m gonna be undeniable after that.”

Daniel Garcia challenges Christian Casanova for the Limitless Wrestling Championship on Friday March 19th. For more info please visit www.LimitlessWrestling.com or follow them on Twitter @LWMaine. You can find the full audio and video from Danny’s interview below: