Drew McIntyre Reveals Which Night He Wants To Have His WrestleMania Match

Drew McIntyre is set to challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at WWE WrestleMania 37, presumed to be the first large main roster event with a live crowd in over a year. After delaying ticket sales a couple of times, WWE officially announced tickets would be available to purchase last Friday.

Speaking with Forbes, McIntyre says he was a bit worried about possibly missing out on fans for a second consecutive year.

"I thought 'Crap! After all this hard work, after all these main events, all these crazy matches I've done—am I gonna be able to get my moment at WrestleMania with the fans?'" McIntyre said. "Since then I've been working my butt off and making some noise, but at the same time, Lashley's stepped up big time, he's been making some big noise and he's stepped into that role unbelievably."

McIntyre's WrestleMania opponent is no stranger. The Scottish Warrior has squared off with Lashley both last year at WWE Backlash, as well as numerous times in TNA. The two previously headlined TNA Slammiversary in 2016.

As for getting to go toe-to-toe on the Grandest Stage of Them All, McIntyre emphasized his excitement.

"I am so excited about this match for a number of reasons. People are talking, that's what I care about most," said McIntyre. "A few of the matches I was involved in, I was trying to pull people up—Randy Orton, obviously, I had to step up to him—but a few times I was trying to pull people up. Right now, I've cemented my name this past year, Lashley has stepped up so much this year, we're both [at the same level], people are talking about this match and that's the most important thing. Whoever's side you're on, that's cool, as long as you're invested.

"This is two people who have worked their butts off, for almost 20 years apiece, to get to the top of the card; who were destined for greatness in our early years, left the company—worked so hard to get back to the company."

There is no telling which night of WrestleMania will see the WWE Championship match, but McIntyre noted he's happy that Mania has been split into a weekend.

"WrestleMania is amazing, but sometimes it's a bit much," McIntyre said.  "It's huge, it's a spectacle, it's unbelievable, there's no show like it on earth. But sometimes it goes about seven hours, and even the most passionate, loyal fan in the world gets a bit hoarse after maybe four or five hours. So, if you're able to give everyone a whole weekend of WrestleMania—especially in the future, when we start traveling, and they're just going to have an amazing weekend planned, and you get one night of a few hours of amazing action; then perhaps you want to do the second of a few hours of amazing action—you get that energy from beginning to end, I think the two days really is a cool thing and I hope we stick with it going into the future."

As for where he wants to see his match, McIntyre made clear he wants to close the weekend.

"If I had to pick where I wanted to be, I would obviously pick the last match of the second night just like last year," McIntyre said.  "You can be the main event of Night 1, but the main event of Night 2 is the final, final match. That's what people talk about. You're looking to send people home with a smile on their face—or, the people watching at home end the night with a big smile on their face. I got the chance to do it last year, and I hope I get the chance to do it this year. Or, perhaps Lashley's got crazy momentum, maybe they'll be frowning after my moment."