WWE veteran referee Jimmy Korderas returned to The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast recently to chat with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman about WWE’s road to WrestleMania. Hausman asked Korderas where his excitement level is for WWE’s biggest event of the year so far.

“I am somewhat excited. The whole stuff that’s going on on SmackDown right now, Roman Reigns has got me invested big time in what he’s doing,” Korderas said. “I think he’s found his groove, then having Edge come back, and that looks like the direction they’re going for that title defense.

“I love that story. It’s awesome. I love where it’s going. Roman has been a highlight for WWE in the last few months, and I’m loving the story. And I love where it’s going with Edge and just looking forward to the rest of that story.”

Roman Reigns is coming off a very swift title defense at the Elimination Chamber where he took on Daniel Bryan after Bryan had survived the Elimination Chamber match. Hausman asked Korderas if he was a fan of the way Reigns was booked at the Chamber.

“Absolutely, because it makes sense that a guy who is a heel takes advantage of a situation like that,” Korderas noted. “And Daniel Bryan was a sympathetic babyface in that situation because here’s the guy who’d, like you said, went through a grueling match, selling his leg and his knee and then having to go directly into a match with a fresh Universal Champion. The story was awesome, and then Edge coming out and spearing out of nowhere, to be honest with you, I didn’t see it coming, but that’s good.”

Jey Uso has broken out while being part of Reigns’ story as the head of the table. Korderas gave his thoughts on where he sees Jey’s story going as we get closer to WrestleMania.

“I’m wondering, does it lead down the road for Jey to finally have enough of his cousin’s ‘I’m the head of the table, I’m the head of the family’ kind of thing and see that kind of change and see that turn coming,” Korderas said. “We don’t know the situation with his brother.

“We still have a wait-and-see with him as well. Will he join? Will he join his clan and his brother? Or, will he be the odd man out? Who knows? There are a lot of possibilities with Jey, but like you said, he has been a standout as well in this whole thing. Whatever they decide to do with him, I would like to see him and his cousin get into it, but we’ll see. I’m talking down the road. I don’t know as soon as Mania.”

Hausman then offered up an idea of a Jey vs. Bryan match at WrestleMania. Korderas noted that WWE have a lot of options when it comes to the current SmackDown main event scene.

“Yeah, that would be absolutely incredible, and as you said, Jey seemed to have some really really good chemistry with Daniel Bryan,” Korderas pointed out. “Well, who doesn’t? But at the same time, Jey is also showing that he can hang with these guys. Jey vs. Daniel Bryan would be nice.

“Jey vs. Cesaro would be very good as well. I’d like to see something bigger for Cesaro. Eventually, I’d like to see him get there. Again, there is no rush because Cesaro is that guy that you can take your time and build around.”

One of the other highlights from Elimination Chamber was Omos freeing AJ Styles from his pod to allow him to enter the match early. Korderas gave his opinion of the legality of AJ’s early entrance into the match from a referee’s point of view.

“If you want to go strictly by the rules aspect of it… but at the same time, it was unique. It was different, and it had never happened before,” Korderas noted. “At least in my recollection, nothing like that has ever happened before where somebody wanted to get into the chamber early.

“Sometimes different is good, and in that situation, I didn’t mind it as much. It was almost one of those things where if I was reffing it, ‘Do you want to get in here and get beat up? Go for it. You’re gonna get in here eventually anyways.’ There’s really no precedent set. It’s kind of a call it on the fly thing.”

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