Latest Topic Revealed For "Dark Side of the Ring" Season 3

Jim Ross appeared on the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch where he revealed the Dark Side of the Ring crew recently spoke with him about the May 2002 "Plane Ride from Hell" (h/t POST Wrestling for the transcription).

"Yesterday, I spent four hours with the Dark of the Ring guys here in my home in Florida and talked about the plane ride from hell," Ross said. "I told them in the beginning, I said, 'I don't like this topic, I don't like remembering this bulls***.' It was a bad day at the office, it was one of the more darker days during my tenure as head of talent relations, but it's going to make a hell of a special for Dark Side of the Ring that was spawned by what they heard Conrad and I talking about on this podcast (Grilling' JR)."

Following an Insurrextion PPV event in London in 2002, a number of incidents occurred on the flight back to The States that led to the firings of Scott Hall and Curt Hennig. The Undertaker recalled choking out Kurt Angle during the trip. Ric Flair also disrobed and was apparently naked on the flight. Ross noted alcohol was the main reason for such a rough flight that led to a lawsuit filed in 2004 by two of the flight attendants that was later settled out of court.

This has yet to be officially confirmed by the show, but it's likely one of the numerous topics to be covered in season three.

There's still no word on when Dark Side of the Ring season three will premiere, but topics confirmed for this season include Brian Pillman (season premiere, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin interviewed), FMW (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling), XPW (Xtreme Pro Wrestling), Nick Gage, WCW/NJPW Collision In Korea event from 1995, The Smith Family (Grizzly Smith and his children – Sam Houston, Rockin' Robin, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts), Ion Croitoru (aka Bruiser Bedlam and Johnny K-9), Chris Kanyon, and "The Dynamite Kid" Tom Billington.

As noted, Vice TV has officially announced their new Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential 90-minute talk series that will premiere this Tuesday, March 9 at 9 pm ET.