Paul Heyman Refers To Charly Caruso - WWE Situation On Talking Smack

Earlier this week it was reported Charly Caruso is finished with WWE TV after picking up some internal heat over showing up late to conduct backstage interviews. Vince McMahon apparently to exception to the situation that specifically involved Sheamus and Randy Orton. With her contract expiring soon, she's expected to leave WWE.

WWE's hiring Kevin Patrick earlier this month was seen as a direct replacement for Caruso. Patrick worked backstage on RAW this week, and hosted RAW Talk, which Caruso usually does. Kayla Braxton and Sarah Schreiber have also helped in taking over some of Caruso's duties, as of late.

On this week's Talking Smack, Kayla Braxton got into a back-and-forth with Apollo Crews about what he should be referred to in regards to potentially becoming the next WWE Intercontinental Champion. Crews is set to face Big E for the title on tonight's PPV.

Heyman interjected between the two and said right to the camera.

"Wait, wait, wait, ladies and gentlemen, we got rid of the wrong female journalist around here," Heyman said, alluding to Caruso's situation.

The camera then cut to Braxton putting her hand to her forehead.

Heyman had much more to say on this week's show, including his thoughts on Eric Bischoff's Hall of Fame induction, and a spoiler on the WrestleMania main event changing.