On last night’s ROH 19th Anniversary: Hour One pre-show, Danhausen was involved in a Four Corner Survival Match against LSG, Brian Johnson, and Eli Isom.

The bout was won by Johnson, but Danhausen had a moment in the match when he used GTS on LSG. Afterwards, the ROH star retweeted a gif of the move and wrote to CM Punk.

“Thank You, CM Punk for the finisher. Danhausen stole it.”

Punk responded to let Danhausen know he might want to message KENTA about taking the move.

“You might wanna buzz the other guy because he seems sensitive about it. Fully endorsed over here though! Very kneevil.”

KENTA then chimed in and seemed to be fine with someone else using it — as long as it wasn’t Punk.

“HEY This is “THE OTHER GUY” I’m super excited to see anyone use Go 2 Sleep EXCEPT FOR YOU. GOOD NIGHT.”

Danhausen appeared The Wrestling Inc. Daily last month and noted he wanted Punk to come out of retirement for a match against him in ROH.