WWE Facing Lack Of Consent Trademark Issues With Another Name

Last October, WWE filed to trademark the name Sin Cara (for use in merchandise and to maintain ownership), a character that was originally played by former WWE stars Caristico, and later by Hunico.

WWE was issued a notice on March 26 that it needs to be determined if Sin Cara is the name of a "living individual," according to Heel By Nature. This would include the first name, pseudonym, stage name, or nickname, which WWE failed to identify. The office is also requiring written consent, which could be tricky since neither of the performers work for WWE any longer.

Even though "Sin Cara" is a character, the United States Patent and Trademark Office expects the person who used the name to give consent (unless they are no longer living). If WWE doesn't provide this, the trademark filing could be rejected. WWE does have an active trademark on the name for entertainment services, but it expires in 2023.

This is not the first time WWE has dealt with having "lack of consent" when it comes to trademark filings. Numerous names, including Dominik Mysterio, Chelsea Green, Kay Lee Rae, and others were flagged last month.

Earlier this month, WWE tried to trademark "Dean Ambrose" and that too was denied for the same reason. The most recent update noted AEW star Jon Moxley had not provided that consent to WWE.