WWE Reportedly Keeping Quiet On Situation With Charlotte Flair

While discussing Andrade's WWE release on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Andrade's fiancé, Charlotte Flair, is making seven figures. This is through not only her WWE deal but also from her other business ventures and deals. This includes her upcoming film project, Walking Tall.

Regarding Charlotte's WrestleMania plans, especially after she was removed from several WrestleMania graphics. Meltzer noted that while she is filming for the Walking Tall reboot, Charlotte's WrestleMania plans are being kept quiet and that there is "definitely a story" there.

"As far as Charlotte and WrestleMania, I've been asking that all week and everyone's avoiding me on that one," Meltzer said. "There's definitely a story that's not the movie, because if it was the movie it wouldn't be hidden."

"It's definitely something that's behind hidden as far as whatever the deal is with Charlotte."

There has been speculation that Charlotte will challenge Asuka for the RAW Women's Championship. Charlotte's WrestleMania opponent from last year, Rhea Ripley, is also set to make her debut on RAW tonight.

There has not been any confirmation that Charlotte is upset over the Andrade news as of late. Meltzer reported that she had been pitching plans for them to work together on-screen, which she has confirmed in the past.